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Improvements to Tasks and Calendars in Teaming


January 26, 2010 5:08 pm





Welcome to another article about how Teaming is progressing with the release of Teaming 2.1. This week we will be covering the improvements that have been made to the tasks and calendar folders in Personal Workspaces in Teaming 2.1.

Before we dive into talking about improvements, let’s highlight some of the advantages of using the tasks and calendar features in Teaming.


The task folder in Teaming creates substantial value for a business in terms of tracking assignments and following up on how projects are moving along. This allows employees to track the progress of an assignment and to ensure that it is completed before a due date.

The task folder can also be leveraged by both project managers and other employees. For example, after a staff or project meeting, users can quickly add tasks to the appropriate work space and assign them to a specific person or group of people. These tasks are stored with the project they are tied to. Using the task folder this way can save time that might have been wasted trying to remember and track assignments.

The percentage complete feature in the task folder also is helpful for managers. Instead of having to find an employee to see how a project is moving forward, they can just check the percentage that is complete, which is based on the updates from the employee or team assigned a task.


Staying organized is always a problem in every organization. Fortunately, Teaming users can leverage the calendar to keep track of their meetings, plan ahead, and even monitor how long they have until their tasks are due.

Just as important as staying organized is staying informed. With Teaming and the correct access rights, you can access other users’ calendars and be informed about their schedules. This is especially helpful when you are trying to schedule meetings or important events.

Improvements to Tasks


When you click your task folder in your personal workspace, your Web browser should open a page like the one in the image to the left. At first glance, the task folder might appear to be unchanged from Teaming 2.0. However, two new features have been added to task folders in the personal workspace that you should know about and utilize.


New Widget Feature
The first change on the task page is the addition of a new widget. Now you can toggle between viewing tasks that originated from your personal task folder and the tasks that are assigned to you, regardless of where they are in Teaming. This feature makes tracking your tasks and the tasks you have assigned to others more manageable.

The option to view assigned tasks is especially beneficial for supervisors and managers. Again, with the appropriate rights, a manager can click a person’s task folder and then click Assigned Tasks in the new widget to quickly find out what an employee is working on and how far along an employee is with his or her assigned tasks. It’s as easy as that!


Location Column
The second addition is the Location Column that appears while you are viewing assigned tasks. As shown to the left, this feature allows you to not only see which tasks are assigned to you, but also see in which workspace or folder the task resides. This is especially helpful when you need to know what project a task may be part of.

Improvements to the Calendar


As you can see in the image, the calendar has been slightly modified to display a new Show drop-down box. This new feature gives you more flexibility in terms of what you want to view. However, your access rights will determine whether you can utilize this feature in other users’ folders.


Show Drop-Down Box
This drop-down box allows you to toggle between different ways of viewing information in your calendar. This means that you have greater control over what you see in your calendar, including being able to view assignments.

The task and calendar folders in Teaming help you streamline your business. Information about what other employees are working on, how complete a project is, and what co-workers’ schedules are like is only a few clicks away. Now with Teaming 2.1, these features are becoming more functional and even easier to use.

If you are interested in learning more about new features in Teaming 2.1, then you should read our Introductory Article, which provides you with links to other articles we have written. We hope you are able to leverage these new features in your company! Also, make sure to check out the Teaming Library for other articles and form and workflow examples.

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