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June 19, 2010 1:52 pm






A big topic as it relates to infrastructure and technology, however, as I walked around the technology showcase I had difficulty delineating between various management tools. Alot of performance, availability and configuration mapping, they begin to look the same and bleed across hardware, applications and systems. Monitoring of the hardware and just enough OS is being bundled as VM’s – convergence. Monitoring of the silo’s is dwindling in this era of convergence and abstraction.


This convergence begins to create a “fabric” of services compiled of one or many of these virtualized services. The infrastructure in operations is increasing in complexity by magnitudes faster than in our past when you add the physical, legacy computing and cloud computing “as-a-service” options to the threads of this computing fabric. This fabric brings complexity IT Operations at a speed not seen in years past. These economic times require agility of business and leveraging of the best technology for the right service and the ability to “service enable” it at implementation, rather than a management afterthought as with previous technology adoption and deployments.


The first two topics naturally lead to the topic of the “weaver”, integration of the services as expectations are higher than ever before with 24x7x365 availability – IT Always On! As always there are 3 options: 1) wait for someone to build it 2) buy from a single “framework” (the bad word!) vendor or 3) build it yourself and leverage your best in bread services, systems, platforms.

Building it yourself does not mean building the middleware. It means leveraging the “weaver” technology that taps into the sources of data, converges the data, turns it into meaningful information and presents it in consumable views based upon the audience. Define once, use many times. Abstract the data source from the reconciliation and views provides you with a “weaver” that remains agnostic to the changes in new technology infrastructure.

Business Objectives

As discussed in a previous blog post, the top objectives are: 1) Grow the top line, 2) Reduce costs at the bottom line, and 3) Increased use of information/analytics. The IT Always On and Technology powered Business is hungry to be agile enough to leverage new technologies to grow the top line with new services before the competition and leverage the technology to present information by which to acknowledge-assess-act-avoid impact in “market time”.

There is no time to wait, you’re competition will pass you by. A single “Framework” requires expensive rip and replace and again time. Those with the agility to “weave” with agility in market time will catch their competition snoozing.

Year of Convergence and the “Weaver” of the Fabric!
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