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Insider: GroupWise 7.0.3 and GMS on Linux


February 26, 2008 3:20 pm





It has been a few weeks, since January 8th, that we have talked about the status of a few projects that the GroupWise Engineering team is engaged in. I wanted to give an update on where we are at and what issues we are trying to solve.

GMS on Linux. Public BETA Refresh. We are posting this week – might be there already – a refresh of the Public BETA. GMS on Linux has been in Public BETA since November and we have received very little feedback. We have received some feedback and we have addressed all of those issues. However, we wanted to give this product a little more bake time before we officially released it. We do not have any current outstanding issues that we are pursuing, but we are still taking emails, inquiries and doing internal testing along with our partner Nokia. We do intend to officially release GMS on Linux in a few weeks. Our goal is just before BrainShare. I know that this has been a long time coming and we hope that it will be a product that you will deploy and use.

GroupWise 7.0.3 We are currently in Public BETA with 7.0.3. We entered Public BETA in January and we have had very good feedback and input on the Public BETA. We currently have about 1/2 dozen outstanding issues that we are following up on and we expect to have a GMC (Gold Master Candidate) build this week. Once we have this build, we will run through some final validation and internal rollout of the product and then we will release it to the public. We also expect to release GroupWise 7.0.3 just before BrainShare – in a few weeks. Currently we have run 83% of our test cases and we have passed those test cases at 95%. We will run all 100% of our P1 level test cases before we ship. Internally, our IS&T department has rolled out the agents to several Post Offices, MTAs, WebAccess and GWIA. IS&T is very happy with this release and we are expecting 7.0.3 to be our most solid release of GroupWise 7.x code yet. As it should be!!

One more bit of information, 7.0.3 contains fixes for many different issues. We have contacted over 90% of the customers that reported issues in 7.0.x that were fixed in 7.0.3 and had them help us validate 7.0.3 and their fix specifically. This has been a very effective use of our time and resources. It has involved many of our customers and it has allowed us to communicate effectively about the fixes/updates that customers report and we fix! We expect to continue to involve our customers, partners and support personnel in making sure each release of GroupWise is better than the previous release.

Hope to see/hear from many of you in my new blog home! Responses in the CoolBlogs section has been excellent and I hope that this will continue as Novell moves a lot of our blogging efforts to this new venue.

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  1. By:Bambid

    I hoped for another beta refresh of GW 7 SP3 before final release.


    • By:aevans

      David – a need for a refresh normally indicates that you have hit problems with the current version. What issues did you face and did you report them anywhere else already? We have been monitoring multiple places for feedback so I want to be sure that we have captured that information.

      Alex Evans
      GroupWise Product Manager

      • By:Bambid

        Hi Alex,
        my focus is on GMS on Linux, new public beta will be available and there where reports on ngwlist, that some problems on GMS are dependent on bugs, that should be fixed in GW 7 SP3.
        It would be positive for GMS testing, when we have newest GroupWise code. This is reason for another public beta.


  2. By:mgorn

    There were issues such as hitting delete in notify not deleting emails, properties of an email not sorting the users and post offices properly, at least 2 separate instances of GW client crashing on a pretty regular basis. Will all those be fixed in SP3?

    • By:dlythgoe

      The Notify issue has been fixed for 7.0.3. I am not familiar with the other issues you reported, but if they were not resolved in the Public BETA, I will check the poke list since Public BETA to see if any of them were listed. Did you report these through support? Send me an email offline with any additional details and I will let you know what we have resolved. We are getting close – on track so far!

    • By:anonymous


      it looks like we are also having issues where users under the Name field is the address book are not being listed in proper order. 95% of them are listed correctly but a few such as a mail box we call “Windsor Intake” seems to come before a DL “Windsor” although our “Hamilton” DL is listed properly before “Hamilton Intake” under the H’s….??? I tried deleting and re-creating the DL and then even re-named the DL “Windsor Group” but it is still sorted under “Windsor Intake”.

  3. By:Audrius_Verseckas


    how about GMS Linux and XEN Virtual machine on SLES? It would be good to have supported GMS Linux on XEN. Now we have installation problem in such scenario.

  4. By:karimk

    I have been running this for 3 months now and it is mostly OK but I do find I need to reboot the box every week or so.
    I’m hoping we can squash that little problem

    • By:thsundel

      Would be nice if they could release the final product, waiting for it. Even though it work well for us, except the +/- 1 Day when syncing calendar 🙁

  5. By:bgibson

    In GW 702HP Win Client I cannot print the text of an email if the email is digitally signed. I have to use Outlook + the Tumbleweed Desktop Validator to print. It has been verified as a defect. When will this be fixed? In web access and the linux/mac client to text of the email is blank. What do I tell our VP when he says he can’t print an email?


    • By:dlythgoe

      If you will please contact me offline, I will help provide specific status on this issue. I will need an SR# or Defect # and then I will be able to tell you if this is something that did indeed get resolved in 7.0.3. I do not remember seeing this defect in the last few weeks since Public BETA. So another thing you may validate is to try the 7.0.3 Public BETA and see if the problem still exists. However, like I said – if you will contact me offline with some more details and I will find out if this defect has been resolved yet.