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June 17, 2008 10:01 pm





As many have mentioned and we have observed, integrating products with GroupWise is a recurring theme and an area in which Product Management and Engineering continue to look for options, solutions and direction.

Having a robust API set is key to this strategy. We understand and continue to provide some solutions, but as mentioned several times – this is still an area of focus.

I want to discuss a few topics/integrations and request input on a few others. There are several areas in which our partners are beginning to provide some very compelling solutions. I want to discuss a few of these…

Omni-TS – RIVA. We spoke this week with Aldo Zanoni at Omni-TS and they demonstrated for us their latest product called Riva. Omni-TS has demonstrated this solution for CRM/ERP integration with GroupWise several times in the last year at GWAVACon, BrainShare and then this past week, we received a personalized demonstration. Their approach and solution is innovative and insightful. Omni believes that this technology can also be expanded and exploited for several other applications and integrations. Check it out! It is very cool!

iPhone – Apple. As you know, this is a very hot topic right now and many are looking to Novell to provide a solution in this space. We have been very hesitant to discuss publicly what our plans and discussions have been. As I said, this is a sensitive topic. I will say a few things. Novell is working with Apple. Apple’s integration with Exchange was done by Apple using internal proprietary Apple interfaces and by licensing ActiveSync. The integration was NOT done by Microsoft. There are at least two GroupWise partners, NotifyLink and Toffa, who have announced solutions in this space. Novell is continuing to evaluate and work on solutions. See a post by Alex Evans in the NGWList for other information.

Novell Teaming + Conferencing We will have integrations between GroupWise and T+C when Bonsai ships. Teaming Calendars in GW, Browse your team spaces from the GroupWise folder tree, and access a contact’s personal workspace directly from GW.

Now for a survey…

What are the five to ten 3rd-Party products or Novell Products that you absolutely need in your organization to be integrated with GroupWise? Follow up question – what is the best solution for that integration? Data, Client, Web, etc?

Here is a list to get you started…. Rank these, add to the list, modify the list, create a brand new list…

Documentum OR DMS
Unified Communication
Novell T+C
ERP – what?
CRM – what?

What say you???

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  1. By:RogerIThomas

    First off, its good to hear that you are at least looking at the iPhone intergration, but waiting on third parties is not going to cut it. Novell will need to supply something out of the box (no extra charge) rather than having third parties who charge large fees for things that come as standard on other platforms.

    As for a wider list

    1) Novell T+C (otherwise I can’t purchase T+C)
    2) iPhone (all the execs are getting one)
    3) Desktop Search (Do Google and publish the code)
    4) TAPI (Just do the basic call a number to

    As for CRM just fund Omni a bit so they can add features and get their per user price down – their server side solution could become a market leader once feature rich.

    For all of the above what is needed is just good basic APIs at the server and client.


  2. By:hennys

    Integration/information exchange with:

    ERP + CRM -> Microsoft Dynamics NAV
    Plaxo (
    Google (Gmail)

  3. By:mrichich

    Just as a side comment, that integrations may be even more important than client enhancements. I’m sure many people don’t particularly care about Outlook or Exchange in terms of the feature set, but they have to use them because they have 3rd-party applications that integrate with them. Ideally GroupWise would just be compatible with those extensions (the Outlook plugin works with some, but not all, I think). While I’m excited about Bonsai client enhancements because I use the client, it’s not going to sell new GroupWise seats unless the desktop productivity apps have integrations with it. If 3rd-party integration is no longer a barrier than GroupWise can truly compete on price-performance and intrinsic features.

  4. By:FlyingGuy

    Funny you should ask.. I just sat in a meeting with a CPA that has a member of the admin team screaming to the rooftops about OUTLOOK OUTLOOK why aren’t we using WINDOWS servers, you know the entire litany.

    CCH is one of the biggest packages for accounting firms. It has huge market penetration. please see:

    This guys do it all, time and billing, auditing, tax prep, if an accountant needs it, they build it, and they build in all kinds of hooks tom you guessed it, Outlook.

    So I am siting in this meeting with one of the partners, the admin team, the guy who handles IT and the CCH consultant. Let me tell you my seat got quite, uhmmm shall we say, WARM!

    These battles are getting harder and harder to fight, and at some point I am going to lose, because the person doing all the yelling and screaming has the partner’s ear 8 hours a day 5 days a week and during tax season, 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    We, who sell this stuff and try desperately to keep it where it is in place are getting killed by the lack of real integration. We need it, it has to happen, and it has to happen soon,

    To pick up on another posters comments, the feature set is quickly becoming a non issue and the integration or lack there of, is killing us.

  5. By:mikebell90

    Dean – perhaps you want to check out GWAVA Vertigo – which provides many features of RIVA (and others besides) in a very cool interface.

    Disclaimer: I work for GWAVA

  6. By:jsauve

    I agree with Roger and the others: a lot of times the battle is not about features, it’s about integration. I can understand the developers out there who write all sorts of things that tie into Exchange/Outlook – it is, after all, the majority of users. Therefore, the cost of adding these integrations to their products is justified.

    iPhone is one more example. Apple built in integration with Exchange because they know they’ll sell a lot more to corporate users. Novell seems to be unclear as to what they’re going to do. Leave it up to 3rd party developers? Hmmm…that’s a major reason we get from admins who want to leave Groupwise to go to Exchange: with Groupwise, we always have to BUY 3rd party tools. With Exchange, everything works.

    Take away that reason and you put Groupwise in a much better position.

    Two approaches:

    1) Roll up your sleeves and DO IT! I know the whole Groupwise engineering team is working hard on Bonsai right now, but (as an example) iPhone integration should have started long ago. Not only started, but you should be screaming it from every rooftop! All the analysts and press are saying the iPhone will quickly become a MAJOR force.

    2) Help the developers! If you don’t have the resources to do it yourself, then get some money to NotifyLink or Toffa, or whoever, and get them to do it. Then, they can sell it for a much more reasonable price or you can license it from them and include it with Groupwise.

    I LOVE Groupwise, and it always breaks my heart when a customer wants to migrate away from it, so let’s make it work with what the customers want!

    My two cents’ worth…

  7. By:imc

    I’m concerned about Cisco Unity integration. When my new boss comes in, I’m afraid this will be a hot topic and a threat to our groupwise install base.

    • By:azanoni

      Hello, IMC.

      Cisco Unity is one of the applications Omni has identified as a target for our Riva Collaboration Integration for GroupWise platform. If you are a Cisco Unity client and are interested in working with us to identify your integration requirements, please contact me using the Contact Us link at: or call me at 780.423.4200.

      We would be pleased to work with you.



      Aldo Zanoni
      CEO, Managing Director
      Omni Technology Solutions Inc.
      The GroupWise Integration Company

  8. By:bob_jonkman

    Alex Evans’s NGWList post is at

    Something I’d like to see is consistency (standardization?) in the various log files the GW system produces. Dates with full years and times for each log entry, preferably in ISO-8601 format. Consider it a steam-powered API – it’s really useful to have good log files for troubleshooting.


  9. By:sixminutemile

    The product I need to integrate with GroupWise more than any other product is Microsoft Outlook 2007. I’d like to know when GroupWise 8 and the Outlook connector will be released.

    Please don’t refer me to some post where a product manager flippantly refuses provide a release date.

  10. By:beardmiller

    It too work for an accounting firm (17 sites, 600 users) and we have just finished an MS Exchange evaulation project because of the Outlook integration with most of the software systems accounting firms use.

    For us the connector is not an option, too many other GW-MS issues, not to mention the insecurity of Outlook!

    We are looking at spending several hundred thousand dollars to migrate from a vary reliable, secure GroupWise system just for the integration, not really Outlook features.


  11. By:jlodom


    I won’t rehash my previous comments here as you responded to them and passed them up the chain, although you can find them again at this link:

    I would like to say though that having a Groupwise service that integrated with Apple’s native apps — Mail, iCal, Addressbook etc. at a level that went beyond just supporting the open standards (IMAP, CalDAV, etc.) would actually be better for many organizations than an improved Groupwise client. The Mac users in my organization value Novell’s products more on the server end than the client end. Apple’s specialty is user interface and experience on the local machine, yours is rock solid stability and scalability on the server. I’d like to have the advantages of both. A Groupwise equivalent of the Snow Leopard Exchange integration would be perfect.

    I too would love an iPhone version of Groupwise, but an iPhone-optimized version of WebAccess would be just as nice, and probably a lot easier to implement on your end (you could even ship it as part of a Bonsai service pack). In any event, I’d be a bit flabbergasted if the iPhone integration only worked from the Windows GW client.

    Enterprise was a very bad word around Apple, but the iPhone seems to have changed their thinking radically. My jaw dropped when I actually heard Steve Jobs drop the e-word repeatedly (he reportedly hates it) in the webcasts. I don’t know what your current relationship with Apple is like, but I hope that both sides are showing greater interest in each other. I think that both companies have a dedication to quality that makes them complementary. It may even be time to reconsider eDirectory on OS X (not your department, I know, but I understand that it almost happened around 2000).

    Did you send any engineers to WWDC this year? If not, you should definitely do so next time.

    Johnnie Odom
    Network Services
    School District of Escambia County

  12. By:lezgina

    We need more closer integration between Novell T+C and GroupWise document libraries.

  13. By:DGerisch

    I’m not sure, but I think that a part of Bonsai will be a fully functional iCal server. I know that Apple has one, and I know that Novell has participated in the the iCal interoperability tests. I want GroupWise to be able to claim 100% compatibility with the working iCal servers out there. The busy-search-over-the-internet is nice, but 100% compatibility with whatever else is already out there (iCal-wise) is more important to me.

    Cisco Unity is another important one for me. We have the Cisco VoIP – which means we have an Exchange server. Bleh. That same box has Active Directory on it, which is starting to interfere with our IDM plans. We’re in the intial stages, but the accounts already created for voicemail are conflicting with what we would like to set up. I would rather have Cisco Unity store the voicemail elsewhere; GroupWise or T+C as the back-end would be very good.

    Contact management / integration with BlackBerrys is sometimes painful. One the one hand, we need to push out speciality address books to the VIPs that have BlackBerrys. On the other hand, those VIPs want to be able to add their own contacts, or personalize the entries they see there. As I understand it, RIM has a multiple-address-book solution for the other groupware platforms. So I want Novell to make sure that RIM isn’t lacking anything (any developer talent) to bring GroupWise up to parity with the other platforms.

    Lastly, yes – I do expect the iPhone to be a big deal. I’ve already had four regular users and a department head purchase one, and THEN ask if it can be hooked up to GroupWise. Does the GMS use ActiveSync with the Windows Mobile devices? If not, then it seems reasonable that Novell should work closely with Nokia / NotifyLink / Toffa (it’s a win-win for all of you) to make the iPhone fully supported using whatever tools Apple wants you to use (ActiveSync).

  14. By:verologix-mrp

    I’d love to see support for Jitterbit or Apatar.

    At first look, is appears that support for one or both of these products would give integration with a tons of applications, and databases.

    Omni-TS’s Riva is a great solution right now for CRM integration.

    I’m sure Aldo (omni) would have some insight on this.

    Marc Potter
    “Team Redjuju”

    Marvin Huffaker Consulting, Inc.

  15. By:jmatchus

    We are in the legal field and like many the big concern is integration. We all love GW and don’t really want to make the costly switch to Outlook but there aren’t many/any case management systems (which we desperately need) that integrate entirely (backward and forward) with GroupWise.

    Also, our accounting system, Juris, has many features that work with Outlook/Exchange that we can’t use. Luckily, the cost of the migration is the only thing that is holding us back. I have fought to keep GW around, but could ultimately lose the battle if we don’t get some solid case management integration!

  16. By:tim_fitch

    I need… NEED being the key word here folks. I need better CRM integration. Specifically with Deltek Vision for calendaring, scheduling, tasks, etc. We will eventually be including the accounting package as well and if Groupwise wont integrate then it will be OUT WITH GROUPWISE!! I cant convince owners to keep sitting on an island (grpwise) while an entire remaining continent (outlook with all the other out-of-the-box-solutions) drive the future. I believe Omni is working on a plugin for Deltek but wants to see who may need it.. Dont keep shooting yourself in the foot Novell. Listen to your customers and give us what we need.

  17. By:dlythgoe

    Alex Evans and I have been reviewing all of your comments, the survey data, and sales and customer input.

    You have provided a lot of confirmation and validation with some of the plans we have. There has also been a few things that have sparked new interest. It is very valuable to hear how critical these integrations are. GroupWise and its Partners are working on several different angles.

    Keep the feedback and input coming!


  18. By:sushoff

    It’s nice to see I’m not the only one struggling to maintian my Novell/Groupwise systems. It’s unfortunate, however, that I’m not…and it’s come to that for all of us.

    Integration with any type of software and Groupwise would be VERY welcome by all current Novell customers, and I’d bet if this area were improved – Novell might just steal Exchange users – rather than the other way around.

    It’s not about ‘features’ or ‘bells and whistles’ (altho, being in the legal area, these do tend to impress attorneys! lol) – it’s about being able to do it all from one place. Convenience……it’s all about convenience…..and “the evil MS” is providing that which Novell is not. Help us – and we’ll gladly help you, by staying longterm, loyal NOVELL customers! 😉

    Specifically – for my environment – softwares I need integration with are Thomson Elite accounting software and one of the major DMS systems (Interwoven is where they’re leaning – as the Groupwise DMS hasn’t improved since inception….sad….and they’re looking for improvement, so migrating on.) I’m working on setting up a demo for Teaming – I only hope it has what they want…. or I fear the other side will have another new customer. (if you can believe it….up until this year – the words “Active Directory” were NEVER spoken here – I seriously hope that will remain!)

  19. By:cransomsr

    The intergration with a major DM system [HummingBird] has been broken since 7.0 came out.

    From the looks of it, the new API that came with 7.x fails to show the e-mail address for mmessages that are sent from the 7.x client to internet addresses.

    Hopefully, this will be fixed in Bonsai, otherwise, the Exchange drums will be beating louder… At least for me.

  20. By:ctsadmin

    Well we finally had to switch to windows servers, since Novell and NCP protocol is not optimized on Riverbeds Steelhead devices. Groupwise is still here, but the integration issue ( Visions, Iphone, etc. ) may well cause us to migrate soon. If Novell cannot be open about what the solutions will be and when they will arrive, then we will be forced to make a move soon. We can’t stem the tide of users screaming for solutions.

  21. By:rphrphrph

    We desperately need the same level of integration with Worldox that is currently provided to Outlook/Exchange users. I am in the legal industry and we are seriously looking at moving to MS because we are wasting so much time and payroll working around the lack of complete integration.

    Our issues revolve around getting messages out of GW and into Worldox so that they can be preserved as part of electronic client file. With Outlook/Exchange, Worldox provides support to profile e-mails with attachments into the DMS directly from Outlook. Additionally ProLaw supports only very little integration with GroupWise whereas Outlook/Exchange can do far more with regard to calendars and e-mail.

    While Worldox claims to support GroupWise it is at a lesser and more cumbersome method. Our secretaries spend on averages 1-2 hours each day saving e-mails. Our preliminary tests show that this would be reduced to around 30-45 to accomplish the same task with Outlook/Exchange. This is a productivity gain and cost savings that I cannot ignore.

    I’m not a programmer. I understand the market penetration of Outlook/Exchange makes integration with it an easy decision. However whenever I speak with the technical arm of Worldox, ProLaw, or any other company about GroupWise integration they complain about the inconsistent API from version to version, and cumbersome COM+ (whatever that is) methods of integration. I remind them that SOAP is another option and nobody seems impressed with that either. I don’t know what Outlook/Exchange provides that is different to make these integration possible, but please Novell, give these companies what they are asking for. Whatever it is they need to easily and cost-effectively make their applications integrate with GroupWise to the same level as Outlook is what I have to have in order to remain a customer.

    We are waiting to see if Bonsai helps us at all. I’m not sure that it will, especially if it breaks any of the few tenuous integrations that I do have working. I’m worried that we will be migrating before the end of 2009 without some quick action on Novell’s part. This is the last thing I want to do. I am desperate, please hear my plea and make this a number 1! priority.

  22. By:norrisp

    Well I am a Novell fan, but I have never experienced GroupWise, so I can’t comment, how good it is. Although I can say I hated Notes, thought it was clugy until I used Outlook….

    It seems to me, that the sensible solution is to give it to the community and continue to develop it in house, sell support on it or some other model, 3rd party companmies will then not have an excuse about API’s, and you never know it could encourage more people to support GW and even use it as their preferred email solution to integrate..

    I never understood why the GW client was not pushed as free Email client for a imap or pop servers, especially on the Linux platform. (This is just exposure, just like Outlook Express for Outlook)

    I would also like to see (I know I am dreaming) the GW Client have tight integration with Exchange. Because from a Linux user with a large mailbox Evolution sucks and so I now just use imap with Thunderbird.

    Just my thoughts..

  23. By:devon

    Integration with systems like Documentum would make a lot of records management headaches go away. There aren’t any nice solutions in this particular space, and it’s pressing. Transferring email to a central repository is something we have to do.

    • By:Anonymous

      We have just purchased ViewWise from Computhink for our documents management and email archiving needs. We are a small organization (150 users) and this was the only solution we could find that truly integrated with Groupwise.

  24. By:DaveHowe

    The current method used by (for example) CA Message Manager (trusted application API) is a pretty simple extension to implement – there is sample code in the developer area.

    However, what it really comes down to is that groupwise isn’t exchange – most solutions seem to support exchange, and maybe lotus notes if you are lucky. Groupwise support is grudging if it exists, and often badly and hurriedly implemented.

    Possibly worth noting that Intellisync made a decent living writing Groupwise integration modules for other products (and some other stuff as well, but…) so if you have inhouse programmers, maybe you could write an addon to your chosen solution? Open source would be even better of course, but I have often find for archival solutions the sdk to integrate your module is under NDK or subject to licencing charges when redistributed.

  25. By:dlythgoe

    Thanks for everyone’s comments, suggestions, ideas and feedback. I wanted to post and let you know that we are reading and considering your feedback. This is a great forum and an excellent way to get a better feel for the issues and problems you are all facing. Keep the faith!! Bonsai is going to provide a lot of support and make a great splash. We intend to follow that up with better API, Partner and Integration support – we know that these two things are what everyone is asking for.

    Thanks to all of you for your support and continued encouragement. We are working very hard not to let you down!


  26. By:kikensei

    I just deal with small business clients, my largest being @100 users. The iPhone is a pretty hot topic, and many head execs want iPhone support ASAP. All their business lunch dates are already sporting working devices linked to their Exchange servers, and more scrutiny is being cast on why they’re ‘stuck on an obscure’ email platform. I’m scrambling for solutions for some outfits that already own a BES, but also want Activesync for the iPhone.

    Notifylink’s product, in some cases, would cost more than a wholesale switch of the email platform to Exchange. I’d vastly prefer to stick with GW, and hope that an internally developed solution can be offered by Novell before the banging of the migration drum gets too loud.

  27. By:Shivaji

    I am the Director of IT at a small college in the Virginia Community College System, and when I moved here more than ten years ago all 23 colleges with 40 campuses were running Netware and GroupWise.

    Unfortunately I am now only one of two colleges in the system still left on Netware & GroupWise, and the other one just contracted with an integrator to do a feasibility study on converting from GroupWise to Outlook. They are a much larger college, (40,000 plus enrollment as opposed to my 1,700), and the standard response from them, and most other colleges is that they are responding to pressure from upper management for compatibility/support for the fancy toys, whether it is iPhones, assorted PDAs, calendaring software integration and so on.

    Basically they have all succumbed to some form or other of “Outlook envy”, and I do not know how long I can argue simply on the basis of stability, ease of management and “bang for the buck”, to justify my sticking with Novell products.

    Yes, there are third-party products and app interfaces, but we need more functionality out-of-the-box to compete with what is out there now. Small shops like ours just do not have the skill-sets to write our own add-ons.


  28. By:taylorsx

    One thing you could try is giving the users outlook client with the GroupWise connector.

    More times than not its usually people wanting the Outlook client.

  29. By:DaveHowe

    it tends to be colleges who are the best positioned to write add-ons – the sdks are free, so provided you do programming courses, you can set students tasks which just coincidentally give you a wide array of potential solutions to drop into place at the end of term.

    I understand about outlook envy though (ignoring for now that you can easily use outlook to connect to the groupwise mapi source) – the end users tend more to want activesync available over the internet, and groupwise mobile is a major pain to set up.

    • By:Shivaji

      There is no question that colleges are best positioned to do add-ons, problem is our size. I personally have mucked about with the SDKs and written stuff, but my “day job” does not give me much time to do such things, not to mention, also supervise student programming projects.

      Tried the Outlook connector thing, but from what I can tell – it is a “connector” that simulates the back end, but does not provide all the functionality, as you mention regarding activesync and other stuff. My President had BlackBerry envy too after seeing ones used by the Chancellor and colleagues from other college but when I told him what was involved in setting up the server he said he did not need it. Of course I can’t get him to carry a cell-phone either but that is another story.

  30. PLease publish ot tell me where I can find a list of mobile applications that can run on GroupWise moblie 7 at the rsame time without causing problems.

  31. By:Anonymous


    PLEASE, please, pleeeeeeeease allow us to manage GroupWise through iManager (2.7 and later).

    Then, among other benefits, our Help-Desk staff could reset GroupWise Passwords without needing a Network Administrator.

    • By:Gpastino

      If you are trying to delegate password resets for GroupWise, may I suggest using LDAP authentication on the POA. Use it to authenticate the user to eDirectory via LDAP. The cool parts about this:

      1. Password policies that you create in iManager for eDirectory will work for GroupWise (minimum password complexity, and password expiration are nice).

      2. You can give your Helpdesk access to reset passwords through iManager.

      Just thought you might want to give that a shot.

      –George Passantino

  32. By:Anonymous

    I agree with the integration with iManager. This as been neglected far too long.

    ConsoleOne blows.

    • By:dlythgoe

      Improving our administration story will be a major focus for the next release of GroupWise. We understand we need to get off of ConsoleOne and that providing not only better administration tools, but more role based – is essential. However, iManager is probably not going to be the only direction we choose. iManager may play a role, but we may try and leap forward and do something more beneficial.

      Stay tuned…


  33. By:Anonymous

    Without calendaring and contacts integration with Deltek Vision, I will lose the battle to keep GroupWise. If it doesn’t happen, I think we will be an Exchange shop by the end of the next year.

  34. By:Anonymous

    I too must chime in, that Novell needs to do these things *themselves* and not leave this up to 3rd parties for basic integration with phones, pda’s, databases and other toys. Stop wasting time on stupid efforts like Facebook for crying out loud and get some real integration moving along *yesterday* or these pro-Microsoft MCSE’s (Must Continue Seeking Employment is what I call them) will win JUST BECAUSE 3rd party apps we already have, already leverage Exchange!

    Same thing with database integrations so that Groupwise works with SugarCRM, or just about anything that runs on say, an MS SQL or MySQL Server – build in a tool so that fields can be mapped to/from GroupWise db and an outside db, so things like Sugar or even our small-fry ERP called Visual Enterprise from Infor Global Solutions can be made to integrate… we can build OUR OWN crm app using Groupwise as the front end…… THAT is what we need, in order to keep you around for much longer. I am talking MONTHS before Groupwise goes bye bye. One year at the max – so you all need to get on it, *fast*!!

    As a small company, it is this reliance on 3rd parties that IS going to make us switch to Exchange – and that, ‘scuse the pun, just pisses me off! Shame on you guys – and this is not the first time I have said this either. The first time was over 2 years ago, and yet here we are today, and not a darn thing has changed from what I can see. You keep mistakenly focusing on features and silly things like social networking sites! ARGH!

    Time is ticking Novell……………

    • By:Gpastino

      From the sound of what you are talking about in your second paragraph, you should be moving to Lotus Notes, not Exchange. They’ve tied in external databases for a long time. Then again, that explains why the Notes client is a piggish 200 MB+ client installation.

      Application integration is a big deal to any shop. The perceived lack of it in GroupWise has many organizations considering a move to Micro$oft Exchange/Outlook. My shop is one of them. It doesn’t integrate with everything under the sun, but it’s hard to accomplish such feats when you can’t get the level of access

      Have you looked at the cost of performing such a move? It’s seriously disturbing to see the costs involved in that migration.

  35. By:Anonymous

    Whenever a vendor comes in to discuss their software products they tell our mgmt that it integrates with Outlook/Exchange out of the box. Then our mgmt asks what about Groupwise? Hmmm – we can probably make that work – we would have to look into it. Then mgmt comes to us and says is it time to move to Exchange?

    We right now have frustrated sales folks that need integration with our CRM system which is Atex/Mactive. Our Atex rep came in and told my director that it would be a lot easier if we just switched to Exchange. Then they could write something that other people might use and they wouldn’ t feel they were wasting their time.

    You get the picture here?

  36. By:hemantprasad

    We have successfully developed a Novell GroupWise connector for EMC Documentum for one of our customer.

    Feel free to write me to know more.

    Hemant Prasad