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Interlude – Windows Vista on VMware 5.5


April 24, 2006 1:57 am





This is off-topic from my ‘Rapid Deployment’ posts but thought people might find it interesting – so whilst the cuts are still fresh and sore…

I have been looking at how ZENworks 7 Desktop Management might work with Windows Vista. Of course this is totally unsupported at the moment and there is a lot of missing functionality, but I thought that posting my findings (as I find them!) might help other people looking at the same thing.


This is all TOTALLY unsupported. Windows Vista is BETA software and not supported by Novell or the ZENworks team. Try at your own risk

So my first finding? How to get Vista to install in VMware. The problem here is that the installation process will not recognise the VMware partition as a blank hard-disk. There are two ways around this, one is install Windows XP and upgrade (not ideal) – the other is here:

  1. Insert the Windows Vista DVD into the DVD-drive
  2. Start the VMware virtual machine
  3. At the menu, select ‘Install Now’.
  4. Press Shift-F10 and the command prompt is displayed
  5. Type ‘diskpart’ and enter the following commands:
    • select disk 0
    • create partition primary
  6. When the process finishes, reset the virtual machine
  7. On the reboot select the ‘boot menu’ option.
  8. Choose CD-ROM as the boot device

The installation should now complete successfully.

Watch for more Vista Interludes coming up!

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Disclaimer: This content is not supported by Micro Focus. It was contributed by a community member and is published "as is." It seems to have worked for at least one person, and might work for you. But please be sure to test it thoroughly before using it in a production environment.


  1. By:Eric

    Thats fantastic. will you write on what works with zen and vista? will zenworks support vista on day 1?

  2. By:Andrew

    Great thread, keep us posted please ! What would be good to know if Novell now has Zenworks support for Linux desktop higher on the list than for Vista as they now have their own desktop OS. How about 64-bit Vista .. will it be supported too ?

  3. Andrew – great comment.

    From a ZENworks perspective we will add support for new OS platforms as they move from beta to general availability.

    That means that we will have an update to ZENworks Linux Management later this year that will support SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (SLES 10) as well as SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 (SLED 10).

    ZENworks 7 will also receive an update in early 2007 to support Windows Vista. We plan to support both x86 (32bit) and x86_64 (64bit) versions of Vista.

    As we get closer to releasing both of these I’ll give more details and firmer dates.

  4. By:Deyan

    At step 5 instead of

    create “not supported’ gifpartition primary


    create partition primary