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Introducing Collaboration Community Webinars

Mike Bills


October 6, 2015 1:08 pm





If you have been watching this blog and have attended any event that I have spoken at recently you know that we are big on community and working very hard with community.  One of my favorite community features we have introduced and implemented this year is the Ideas forum and that has been a great success and we have received untold compliments and kudos on the Ideas forum.

Now we want to take the next step with the collaboration community and introduce Collaboration Community Technical Webinars.  The intention of the Webinars is to better enable the community so you can get the most of your investment in the Micro Focus collaboration products; GroupWise, Vibe, GroupWise Mobility, Messenger.

Initially the plan is to provide 1-1.5 hour online sessions monthly that is facilitated by Product Management and delivered by either Product Management, Engineering, Technical Support, Training Services or another technical expert familiar with the topic. These sessions will be similar to the technical breakout sessions offered at Brainshare but delivered online.

Here is the community aspect of these webinars.  I want you as a community member to tell us what you want to be trained on.  To do this I have opened up a new Ideas forum, Collaboration Community Technical Webinars.  I want this to work exactly like the Ideas forum for enhancements.  Visit the forum.  Look at the existing Ideas for webinars and vote for the webinars you would like see.   If you don’t see a webinar that you would like, then add it.  Please be as descriptive as possible in exactly what you are looking for.

NOTE:  I did not seed this new forum.  I am making no assumptions on what you want to be trained on.  I want you to tell us what you want to be trained on.

Once we get some Ideas in the webinar and some votes I will work to start scheduling some webinars based on your Ideas and your votes.   I want to give you a few weeks to populate the forum and then I would like to start having these webinars next month.   If you can’t make a webinar that you voted for, don’t worry we will record them and make them available to you.  These webinars and their recordings will be available for free!

So the Call to Action! for you is to visit the Collaboration Community Technical Webinars and start adding and voting for topics.   In a few weeks we will make the link for enrolling for the webinars available.

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