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Introducing the Novell Ideas Portal!



June 16, 2015 7:55 am





I’m sure a lot of you have entered a lot of enhancements requests and I’m equally sure that most of you never heard back from us on what happened to your idea and for that I apologize. In most cases what happened is that a Product Manager did an initial review of the request, determined whether it fit product direction, and then marked it waiting for release prioritization and the request has been sitting there ever since, being reviewed in each planning cycle, but that’s it.  Unfortunately for both you and us this can be pretty frustrating. As product manager I want to delight my customers by adding the most compelling value for the most people possible. Well, I’m hoping that the new Ideas portal that we are introducing will help this situation.

You can find the new ideas portal at

When you select a product you’ll be taken to page that looks like this:


Here’s why I think you’ll find this system a whole lot better than the older system:

  • The user interface is a lot simpler and cleaner, as you can see.
  • You can see all of the enhancements that have been entered not just by you, but by the Novell community at large.
  • Every time you go to enter an enhancement, the system automatically searches the enhancement list to help you find requirements that might be similar to yours.
  • If you find an enhancement, you can comment and vote on it. This is awesome for both you and me because it means over time the most important enhancements will automatically rise to the top. These are the items that the Product Management team will focus most of our energy on, and the community will be able to see why.
  • The Ideas portal is fully integrated into our main development process and tools. This means we can do things like track an Idea from the time you enter it, watch votes and hotness, put it into the development process, see it go through the agile development cycle, see all the users that voted for an idea, invite you to the beta that contains your feature, and then ship it. All through this process the Ideas portal will keep you informed about what’s happening. You can see a little bit more about this in the video on the main enhancement request page.

I’m expecting that as a community you’ll help guide us on the things that are the most valuable to you by actively participating in this new community.

So, what now? Well with the literally thousands of enhancements that are sitting in the old systems it’s likely to take while to manually validate that each one is still valid and move it over, and doing so will add a lot of clutter that may or may not be valuable. As such, here’s my call to action – if you have a great idea that you think will benefit you and others, search the system to see if it already exists and vote for it, if not then add that Idea to the new system now. This will allow users to start voting right away and enhancements to start rising to the top. We look forward to a working with you in more open and closed loop fashion.

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  1. Very cool to see this. I’m wondering what software you are using under the covers.

  2. When I clock on some of the links on the page (Open Enterprise Server for example), I get the following error message after logging in:

    “This portal can be accessed by invitation only.”

    Wondering if there are plans to open up everything or if this is working as designed.


    • By:jblackett

      SoundsIke the OES forum is flagged private I am in Bangalore at the moment but will get that taken care of first thing this morning, my apologies for the oveesight.

      • By:jblackett

        This should be corrected now. Was also a problem for a few other forums all of which I think are now fixed.

  3. By:dkitzen

    This is great! Keep up the good work!
    To look at other ideas, you will get new ideas that might even get better, better and better.

  4. By:Debeka360279

    Where can I find my old Request for Enhencement (RFE)?
    Want to check if I should add them in the new portal?