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iPhone overview from two GroupWise Gurus


July 30, 2008 1:17 am





Two well known and well respected GroupWise Gurus chatted on the NGWList GroupWise ListServ about their experience with the iPhone.

Here is a copy of their discussion:

Hi Danita,

I’m reading peoples’ comments on the iPhone with great interest and with a personal interest because I switched from Palm 770p to iPhone.

In the Palm, I loved the memos, tasks, calendar and contacts. Currently, I’m going to try the solution Jay suggested using MobileMe – will do that in a VM so I don’t contaminate my main system with Outlook (obvious bias, huh).

At any rate, I am looking for ssh/telnet as well so if anyone runs across a good app for this on iPhone (why not a port of Putty?), lemme know.

I do use the free VNC app that I got from iTunes store. I can VNC into my desktop and do pretty much whatever I want – I was very impressed.
I do like the native email client…. and the contacts too. Would like to continue to use those and sync them with GroupWise.
For TO-DO/tasks, I like the free Dobot Todos from the iTunes store.

The real appeal to me of the iPhone is that is is a fully functional PC and the web rendering is incredibly good. I’d like to be able to easily extend it with flash, java etc… and it’s certain that I could NEVER do this on the Palm. I also really disliked the web rendering by Blackberry. I don’t know how the new ones are, but when I used WebAccess, the compose window for email was one line big (ugh).

WebAccess renders beautifully in the iPhone – ALSO I managed to use Novell Remote Manager — a real gem. For ConsoleScreens, I was stuck with just the html screens – would like to get the java ones going.

So, I welcome all tips, hints and suggestions…. my main need for a good mobile device is to be able to support my clients wherever I am. That’s why the palm was no longer up to the task. And I love my little Palm.

Will let you know how my MobileMe test goes.


Willem Bagchus, Master CNE
Certified Linux Professional, GCE, RCE

Senior Systems Engineer, GWAVA
1-866-464-9282 ext 212

From: “Danita Zanre”
Date: 7/29/2008 11:06 AM
Subject: Re: [ngw] iPhone and GroupWise
I’ve worked with the Notify people for many years, and they will
certainly have a good iPhone product when it comes out. So for those
that “need” the iPhone I think they will be happy with the Notify

That said, I’ve been playing with the Iphone, and I’m sorry, but it
will probably take a long time before it’s my “phone of choice”. Of
course, I use my “phone” much like a little PC, so I have different
needs than some. Here are a few issues I’ve come up with:

1. No native Tasks. Now, you might say “hey, that’s okay – there are
four or five third-party task apps out there now, some free, and surely
one of those will work fine”. And for a stand-alone phone, that’s true.
But how are those going to get synched to GW? Whether it be Notify,
GMS, whatever, unless there is a consistent database of tasks to sync
to, it can’t happen. So, no tasks on the phone at all unless whoever
becomes the provider either creates their own tasks app, or settles on
one third-party task app to use.

2. Very primitive calendar. I will admit that I’ve been TOTALLY
spoiled by apps on the Palm and now even Nokia phones. The beauty
really of both Palm and Symbian is that they have “decent” native
applications that all of the third-party providers build on. I really
didn’t “like” the Palm OR the Symbian calendar, but because it has a
solid calendaring database, I can purchase just ANY third-party
calendaring product for those phones I like that uses the native
databases, and GMS/Notify/BES all work fine with them. There are no
third-party calendaring products for the iPhone (yet – I’m sure they
will come), and until they do, the calendaring is just too basic for
someone who has been spoiled by the GroupWise calendar .

3. Even more primitive alarm system. Calendar alarms are so
“unobtrusive” that I don’t even know they have gone off! I also was
spoiled on BOTH the Palm and Nokia devices with native and third party
options that allowed me to customize my alarms to the point that I could
“snooze” anywhere from 3 minutes to 2 days if I needed to. It will be
awhile before these apps are available on the iPhone.

4. “Clunky” email client. Again, I’ve used many different email
clients on phones for many years, and this one drives me nuts. You are
allowed multiple accounts on the phone, and yet settings for how many
messages to show, signature, etc. are “universal” across all accounts.
What about copy/cut and paste? I can’t see how to do this ANYWHERE on
the iPhone. Am I just dumb ? The idea that I can’t do copy/paste in
an email message is so foreign to me that I was stunned when I realized
that it probably just wasn’t there.

5. No telnet client for the iPhone

6. No ssh client for the iPhone

7. There is a pricey VNC client for the iPhone, but I guess if you
need it, pricey works.

I AM getting used to the little fake keyboard, but I still like a
“real” tactile keyboard better. Nothing beats the Palm Treo keyboard in
my estimation. I’m “living” with the E61i keyboard on my Nokia phone,
but it’s laid out pretty oddly. The iPhone keyboard has been the
hardest switch for me, but I’m slowly making fewer errors .

Like I say, I use my phone almost like a “PC” – especially when I’m out
of the office and just need to ssh into that Linux server and restart
something, or telnet to a client’s mail server for a test, etc. Until
the iPhone has the ability to do all of that for ME it won’t be my phone
of choice, but I do see why it can work for folks who don’t use it like
I do.



More coverage of what is happening with the iPhone can be found on my personal blog at Richard Bliss Blog

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