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November 21, 2006 9:27 pm





So, those of you that have been paying attention will have seen that we released the GroupWise 7 SP1 IR1 (Interim Release) Beta.  Then you probably also noticed that we pulled it again.  We found two problems with the first Beta; a calendar problem in all non-US clients and some POAs not starting.  We rereleased the Beta again late last week and we should be having the full IR1 public, as in not-beta, release hopefully sometime in December.  Actually, to let you in on a little secret, some fool managed to pull the wrong patch, which had us scrambling to fix that first.  No names, ahem!
Now, every time I come on here and say we’ll be releasing a patch on so-and-so it all goes horribly wrong – so make sure you take that date with a large dose of salt.
What else have we been doing?  We released the GroupWise Server Migration Utility which will migrate your domains, post offices and gateways from NetWare or Windows to Linux.  Basically it’s a smart interactive wrapper around DBCopy – it started as an initiative by an external developer and we liked what we saw so we picked it up and ran with it.

What’s in the pipeline?  The much new and improved Exchange Migration and PST Import utilities are nearing completion and wow!  There has been some seriously hard work done on those and they are looking good – anyone out there about to start a migration from Exchange?

Then the Exchange gateway with the 2 way busy search is done – we are planning on a small beta before releasing but it’s looking good too.

We have released the 6.5 client with all the BES fixes.  This is RIM’s recommended client version for your BES servers.
Lastly we are validating a new version of GMS for a release next year, which will add support for a whole slew of new devices including all those fancy new Nokias.

All in all, a very busy period for us.  Looking forwards to my deep fried Thanksgiving Turkey.

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  1. By:clif

    How can I sign up for the Exchange gateway with the two way busy search functionality? By the way, will this release support exchange 2007?

    Will the new release of GMS be at par with Intellisync’s latest and greatest release 7.x? Also, will the help documentation in GMS actually change to reflect GMS specific docs rather than intellisync? (from the end user’s point of view reading the help docs online (when logged in to the web client) is very confusing when they see no mention of GMS and for that matter anything about groupwise or Novell. The help docs talk about support for Louts notes, Exchange etc but nothing about novell or groupwise?


    “Email Accelerator synchronizes your data, so you can edit the data on your PC, your handheld device, your Web-enabled phone, or on the Email Accelerator server via a web browser. Wherever you edit the data, your changes are distributed with the next synchronization session.

    For further convenience, Email Accelerator can push changes (such as getting a new e-mail) to your device, as soon as they occur. You can also configure Email Accelerator to send alert messages to your SMS-capable phone or pager containing the first portion of new emails, appointment reminders, or other information. See Alerts and Push for more information.
    Email Accelerator, Lotus Notes, Outlook, Pocket PC, and Palm OS applications

    The table below shows how the Email Accelerator items correspond with Lotus Notes, Outlook, and handheld-device applications.

    Email Accelerator Lotus Notes Outlook Pocket PC Palm OS
    Inbox Mail Inbox Inbox Mail
    Contacts Contacts Contacts Contacts Address Book
    Memos Journal Notes Notes Memo Pad
    To Do To Do Tasks Tasks To Do List
    Calendar Calendar Calendar Calendar Date Book “

  2. By:Andreas Jaeger

    Alex, do you have any RPMs for testing the beta client under Linux?

  3. By:Alex Evans

    Yes – they are in the same place as the other downloads. The title is cryptic but look for files starting with bgwlx….. Link to the main page is above.

  4. By:Alex Evans

    Right now the plan is for a limited beta. The more sites we add the more difficult it is to manage. If the beta program gets extended then we may look to add more customers, however, right now the list is full.

    The work required to support 2007 is still being investigated, so no official support with this version.

    As for the help and docs I’ll get feedback from our doc writer.

  5. By:Andreas Jaeger

    I only see bgwlnx701ir1.tar.gz – this does not look like a RPM to me.

  6. By:Bob Jonkman

    […] it started as an initiative by an external developer and we liked what we saw so we picked it up and ran with it.

    W00t! Open Source works! Everyone benefits!


  7. By:Alex Evans

    Download it and extract with “tar zxvf filename.tar.gz”.

  8. Great news. Hope the re-released 7.0.1 IR1 is better than the one I tested last week (701IR1EN2). I found several bugs in it. I’m still hoping to release v7 client to staff, but 7sp1 had TOO many bugs to warrant release.
    BTW: what’s the best method of reporting these bugs I find ?

  9. By:Alex Evans

    If you just want to report a bug and don’t want any interaction with support then you can go to
    If you want interaction with us then you need to open a paid incident (either with an existing support contract or credit card). If the issue is a confirmed, undocumented bug then you get a full refund when the incident is closed. Undocumented typically means that a TID does not already exist.
    Oh, and one issue per incident btw.