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Is Your Enterprise Help Desk Vulnerable?

Gil Cattelain


May 18, 2016 4:05 pm





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When it comes to enterprise communications, most organizations walk a fine line between efficiency and complete chaos. When the network is functioning as it should, and employees have full access to the services they need, there are relatively few problems. But when things go awry—as they often do—it can lead to major disruptions—meaning frustrated customers and end users, and lost revenues.

It’s therefore vital to have an optimized help desk, to act as first responders and help ensure that employees have access to the critical network services they need.

The truth is that many IT help desks are far from optimized. In most cases, businesses rely on IT workers to manually receive trouble tickets and then go about solving problems for employees. This leads to a great deal of inefficiencies. It slows things down, and, oftentimes, more trouble tickets enter into the queue than there are employees to handle them. As a result, end users are often left unable to access important services for long durations.

What’s more, manning the help desk with workers is bad for morale, and prevents skilled workers from taking on high-level tasks in the IT department. Few employees, after all, strive to man the enterprise help desk; it’s a thankless job and is often seen as grunt work. A recent study, however, shows that 35 percent of IT professionals spend most of their day at the help desk, troubleshooting and performing administrative tasks.

With this in mind, it’s time to ask whether your help desk is a strength or a weakness in your organization. If it’s not solving network problems in the most efficient way possible, then it’s time to consider making some changes.

One way you can improve your enterprise help desk is to automate the process using Service Desk from Micro Focus. Service Desk—which is certified for 10 ITIL processes by PinkVERIFY—allows end users to solve problems using self-service rather than overloading the help desk with tickets. Doing so allows you to re-allocate your help desk workers to other areas of the IT department that require their attention. This strategy cuts costs and increases response and resolution times.

So don’t wait: Streamline your help desk with Service Desk from Micro Focus. To learn more information, click here.

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