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Is Your IT Department Losing the Battle Against Workstation Application Management?

Gil Cattelain


July 24, 2014 11:22 am





Your IT staff is at its wits’ end trying to keep up with the demands of its end user application deployment, management and migration. There are simply too many on-premises and remote employee workstations to look after, each with its own set of endless and complicated software management requirements.

As a result, here are some of the problems that may be piling up in your organization:

High costs: A survey from the International Data Corporation (IDC) of several European companies shows that the estimated annual cost of running a single PC is between $270 and $320 per year. When multiplied across the total number of computers in an organization, this number can surge to thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, fragmented end user systems and an overall lack of visibility often make it very difficult for network operators to maintain equipment in a simple, efficient way. This drives up the time and cost of application management considerably.

Application conflicts: Applications have a variety of components, settings and files that all rely on dynamic link libraries (DLLs) in order to coexist and work properly. When new software is added onto a network, oftentimes error messages will arise indicating that DLLs are missing or corrupt. As a result, IT teams often have to compromise individual workstation components in order to make applications work properly. This directly affects the performance of certain applications, which can adversely impact productivity.

Lost time: Applications need to be thoroughly tested before being deployed onto an operating system in order to ensure they will work properly. This is often very difficult, especially for large companies with hundreds or thousands of end users. The problem is often exacerbated by the fact that after an application is tested, it still needs to be deployed. This process can eat up valuable time for IT departments.

If these problems are occurring in your company, virtualization is the secret weapon that your IT department needs to make endpoint management easier. Virtualizing your applications will allow your IT department to test, deploy and manage all of its applications right over a single Web interface.

Are you looking for more information on application virtualization? Click here to access Novell’s latest white paper, which will highlight the top benefits to virtualization and different approaches your company can use. Click here to download the white paper.

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