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It’s ZENworks hot patch time again!


June 7, 2007 3:12 am





We’ve just released the latest hot patches (SP1 hot patch 5) for ZENWorks 7 – for Desktop Management (Netware/Windows and Linux) and Server Management.

Checkout TID3484245 for Desktops and TID3809227 for details of how to get them.

Also included are the CPKs for Desktop Management, if you want to deploy using Server Management (or the standalone CPK processor).


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  1. By:Neil


    I have applied the HP5 updated successfully to the zenwroks imaging server. However i was wondering how to get the linux partition on workstations to update to the new Zenworks Imaging Engine as we do not use PXE. I have tried changing the ZUpdate.sig Version number on the server, but this will not update a 7001 linux boot partition to the new 7013 supplied in the image resource patch.


  2. By:Shaun Pond

    Neil, I’m sure we can help you with this, and it depends on whether you’re trying to update the kernel or the imaging engine: can I suggest that you ask this question in the support forums?

  3. By:Matthew Swenson

    You may want to update the installation instructions for to say something like “extract the files, rename your existing files of this name in sys:\public\zenworks\imaging to [filename].old, and copy these new files into that directory.”

  4. By:Shaun Pond

    It’s something I’ve previously discussed with the guys who do that, and I’ve passed this comment on to them now. It’s a bit of a two-edged sword, however, part of the thinking is that if you know enough about ZENworks to be “safe” updating only the imaging files, then you’ll already know how to do this, but I take your point.

  5. By:Natalie Greaney

    Has anyone setup a New HP DC-7700P in a Zenworks Environment, using PXE Imaging?
    The problem we are having is the image safe-data will not save on the computer.
    We are running ZDFAgent version with the new SP1 Hot Patch 5.
    The O/S on the computer is Windows XPsp2.

  6. By:Shaun Pond

    Why not ask this in the imaging forums – best place for free support… 🙂

  7. By:Eric

    Is there an quick way to find out what HP level we are at? We are split between HP2/HP3, and trying to get an inventory of what version all our servers are running, in terms of ZFDsp1. Thanks.

  8. By:Shaun Pond

    Yes, look at the version in the registry – see TID 3402203 for details of where to look.

    ZDM7 SP1     –

    ZDM7SP1HP1 –

    ZDM7SP1HP2 –

    ZDM7SP1HP3 –

    ZDM7SP1HP4 –

    ZDM7SP1HP5 –

    Don’t forget about the Support Forums for the best free support!

  9. Hi, we’ve applied HP5 to our imaging environment (and only the imaging environment) and noticed we can’t image our Dell GX270 systems anymore, or at least, the ones with 512 MB or less RAM. So, with 640 MB RAM it images fine, with 512 MB it doesn’t. It seems like we’re still experiencing the problem. Shouldn’t that be fixed by now?

  10. By:Ron van Herk

    The issue with GX270 issues with 512 or below had to do with the PXE components on the server, for this it won’t be enough to just update the imaging resource files but you will need the full HotPatch install

  11. Ah, ok, that wasn’t clear to me. One of my collegues actually solved the problem as well, he found out that with an extra parameter in the Z_auto.cmd (and other files if needed) acpi=off fixes the problem. Thanx anyway, you cleared it up, which is allways nice.