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Join the OES 2015 Authorized Beta!


September 16, 2014 2:00 pm





Novell Open Enterprise ServerDear Open Enterprise Server Customers,

The newest version of OES – code named Altair and releasing as OES 2015, is preparing for its authorized beta.

What’s New in OES 2015?

This is a major release, and as such, it includes some key features and functionality changes, including:

  • SMBv2 support in Novell CIFS
  • >8 TB Pools and Volumes
  • The much anticipated NSS Active Directory Integration support
  • DFS Junction Management
  • Many bug, stability, and usability fixes that raise the already high bar set by OES11 SP1 & OES11 SP2

A note on NSS and Active Directory Integration: We would especially like to hear from existing OES customers with Active Directory in their environment, since this new functionality will allow them to experience cool NSS features like visibility and simple rights management, even for their AD users. We’d love to know what you think!

We’re working hard to put all of the powerful features of OES 2015 in your hands, and this beta is an important step. If you are an existing OES customer, and you’d like to see what’s cooking in the upcoming version, sign up for OES 2015 Beta! The OES 2015 beta survey is open @

We’re looking forward to working closely with you as you help us put Altair through its paces and prepare it for final release.

Want more details? Sign up for the beta today using the link above, or drop us a line at or!

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  1. By:heinkonijn

    Any ballpark ETA for OES 2015 release?
    Will it be based on SLES12, or still on SLES11?

    • By:PMadhan

      1H 2015 is the target. Since we are treading new areas, Beta feedback and will be a crucial element in finalizing the dates.

      It will be based on SLES11 – to allow us to focus on OES feature set and typically we do OES on top of the SP1 version of a newer SLES version.

  2. By:equitracqa

    What OES version does SLES12 have?. If any exist?. Does SLES12 have iPrint still?