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Keeping It Relevant: Bringing Order to Informational Chaos with Novell Teaming 2



July 24, 2009 8:27 am

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Keeping It Relevant: Bringing Order to Informational Chaos with Novell Teaming 2
by Ken Baker
Novell Connection Magazine – June 2009

Here’s an excerpt:

Workspace clutter often grows in direct proportion to how busy you are, how much workload you have or the urgency of your deadlines. However, workspace clutter isn’t limited just to the piles of folders on your desk or the collage of sticky notes scattered across your shelves. It includes the overwhelming clutter of digital information that you and your team need to sort through to do their jobs. Whether it’s scouring the net for presentations, team documents, research notes, blogs or countless other information sources, finding and keeping track of all the information relevant to your projects and tasks can consume almost all your time and leave you fewer cycles to get real work done.

With the help of the relevance dashboard in the upcoming release of Novell Teaming, you can eliminate much of that digital clutter while keeping the latest and most relevant information to your work close at hand.

The relevance dashboard keeps you abreast of everything that is going on in your organization, teams and locations that are of interest to you.

Powerful, Consistent Interface

The relevance dashboard is a key component of the updated user interface in Novell Teaming 2. One of the main goals of the new interface is to present users with a consistent look and feel as they move from one page to another through team workspaces. The interface can be broken down into three main elements: header, sidebar and content area.

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