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Let’s celebrate your 15th company anniversary! (We’ll start without you.)


September 3, 2010 8:39 am





KG wrote: It was my 15th anniversary of working for my company. My manager/director at the time organized a lunch in my honor for his management group (about 10 people). I was asked where I wanted to go — I picked a very good local (expensive) restaurant. A date and time was settled on and a meeting place designated to gather and travel to car pool to the restaurant.

About 15 minutes before the appointed meeting time, I had a question for my manager and walked to his office. He wasn’t there and I noticed that members of his management team that sit next to him were absent as well. I thought it probable they were in a meeting so decided to talk to him during the lunch instead. I went to the meeting place at the appointed time and was the first one there. I waited. 5 minutes. 10 minutes. I figured their meeting must have gone overtime (a usual occurrence) so I left a note to call me when they were ready and went back to my desk to work.

Another 10 minutes passed and I decided to call my manager to see when he would be ready. To my surprise, he and the rest of the folks were at the restaurant eating! After some humming and hawing he told me they had been in a meeting that got out early and had decided to go to lunch early. He hadn’t noticed I wasn’t there. He took my order and I drove myself and joined them just as they were about to finish lunch. They decided to hang around, get dessert, and let me finish my lunch.

Granted I had only reported to him for a couple of months, but it certainly let me know where I stood in that team.

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  1. By:ketter

    Ouch! Doesn’t sound like a great place to work.

    • By:MHGlenn

      ….They actually tried to arrange a 15th anniversary luncheon for you?

      Wow. My 15th anniversary has come and gone, and the only feedback I get from my users is “Why did it take you so long to fix this?”

  2. By:MHGlenn

    Wow: Mine has come and gone, and no-one even noticed.