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Linux Users Group in Andaman & Nicobar


October 8, 2008 10:27 pm





Andaman Linux Users Group :”Spreading the Linux World Silently & Steadily”

In almost every corner of Indian metropolis and the towns and every city, most of the tech savvy people, since ages, knew about the great Linux OS. But its just 2-3 years back, Linux made a silent entry into the islands of Andaman & Nicobar, so silently that only one or two computer literate guys actually knew what it is. Being a distant place , mostly of tourist attraction, these islands have never seen the so called IT development on a large scale. With countable private sector organizations in these islands, few government organizations started using Linux based systems on the server side, still using Windows on the Desktops. Even the students who are into courses like BCA, MCA & BSc. Comp.Sc, hardly knew anything about UNIX or Linux. With 100% users of Windows OS in the islands, it was a mission to drive few into the Linux world and show them the advantages of using it.

And thus was the beginning of the formation of ALUG (Andaman Linux User’s Group), which started by-chance when IIHT, first launched a course in Linux way back in 2006. The response was positive but on average joined very countable people to actually learn it. One of the big task was to convince these Windows Users about the advantages of using Linux and attract them towards the Open-source & Linux community. With time, may more became Linux enthusiast. Fair enough to say that they have not thrown Windows completely out of their desktops, but the important thing to recon is that, they have the interest to learn and use Linux and do R&D of their own. Amazingly, the first candidate to clear RHCE exam from IIHT at Port Blair was a lady from the army background.

Many tech savvy guys have started at least to use Linux and related softwares in last one year or so. With some of the organizations using Linux based systems on small scale, the need to learn Linux installation and basic configurations for the service engineers serving these departments, served the purpose of spreading Linux. Among these exists, the ALUG guys who are always @ rescue and help for the people willing to use Linux as their Desktop OS.

These guys for most of their work, prefer Linux over Windows. Our Team Looks Like As Follows

Sarat Kumar (Dip. Electronics Engg.)
Windows & LAN Administrator-ALHW.
(Linux User & Enthusiast,Completed RHCE )
using Linux since 2007
Distros tried: RedHat ES 4, Mandriva 2008.0 and Ubuntu.
Skilled in command line and GUI Apps.
Implemented SAMBA File Server in the LAN.

Manohar Prasad (B.A)
Windows & Exchange Administrator (CARI).
Using Linux since 2007.
Distros tried: RHEL ES4 & Ubuntu.
Implemented: Linux “Internet-Proxy” & Antivirus Servers.
Good in GUI Apps.

Ms. Meenambikai (Dip. Medical Lab Tech.)
Data Entry Operator-Defense Dept.
(Linux user since 2007,Completed RHCE)
“The command line of Linux drives me crazy”. Its efficient and better than Windows OS. Loads of free and preloaded softwares. At times, I find it difficult to install & configure some devices but like the OS. “Make it more user friendly”.

Service Engineer, Anees Computers.
Linux Enthusiast & User since 2008
“Command line is very interesting”. Linux tests us for skills. Make it more easier to use for Desktop users.

Swapan Karmakar
Linux- Support Administrator.
Using Linux & Imparting Training since 2006.
Favorite Desktop OS-Mandriva 2008.1 & Ubuntu8.04.
Favorite Server OS – RHEL ES 4/5, SUSE ES, Fedora & Ubuntu8.04 Server Edn.
Implemented Panda AV-Server, SAMBA, DNS, Internet- Proxy, Bacula & Software LVM-RAID Combo.
“ I believe in learning something different, what others say is tough”. I use Linux for almost 98% of my work.

D. Sarvana (Msc. IT)
Network Engineer, NIC-Port Blair
Maintains “Sendmail” Server of NIC.
“Its new for me but yet interesting OS”.

Ajay (M.A)
PC Service Engineer
Learning Linux

Mrs. Neelavati
Software Trainer @ IIHT
Learning Linux since few months.

Ms. Agneleena P.St. Romaine (Student)
B.C.A (Final Year-JNRM Degree College)
Completed RHCE.

E. ChanderShekher (BCA)
Software Developer
Uses Linux occasionally.

We are trying to spread the popularity of Linux not only as Server OS but also as Desktop OS..Its tough at times to convince the so called IT-people of these islands, to use Linux but its a mission that few of us are going to carry on and contribute towards Linux community. We believe that Linux will grow more as compared to Windows, in recent future on the Desktop side and overcome the present limitations it holds. And also we will see more n more users in here beginning to use it actually. Of-Course, Windows is better, but Linux is “The Best”.

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