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List All Open Files on an NSS Volume Residing on an OES Linux Server


January 26, 2007 12:11 pm

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List all open files on a NSS volume residing on an OES-Linux server.


Open a console prompt and type:

ncpcon files list v=<volume name>

This will list all open files by all connections on the server. Useful if you need to find who is using a file that has a space in its name, as ncpcon does not seem to accept filenames with spaces.


ncpcon files list v=data

... Executing " files list v=data"
Connection  User Name                   Open File Count
8         .CN=user1h.OU=OU.O=O.T=T. 1
12         .CN=user2.OU=OU.O=O.T=T. 1
26         .CN=user3.OU=OU.O=O.T=T.  3
        /media/nss/DATA/HOME/user3/MRB/2007/January 17th 2007 MRB.doc
28         .CN=user4.OU=OU.O=O.T=T. 1
Count of open files found on volume data: 226.
... completed OK [elapsed time = 15 msecs 969 usecs]
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