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Los Angeles, Socal Linux Expo


February 9, 2007 9:16 am





SCALE5 BannerTonight I will be arriving in Los Angeles to attend and present at, SCaLE5, also known as Socal Linux Expo. This is one of the great community-based Linux shows that I get to attend. While Linux vendors are there in force, the show is mostly free of the vendor bloat and overmarketing of the big LinuxWorld events. At SCALE, you can hang out and talk tech with people all day long in a refreshingly casual atmosphere.

My friend and Novell Open Audio cohost Erin Quill will be there to help me present a session on virtualization and virtual machine management. This is good, as apparently Erin has become known as “the smart one” on Novell Open Audio. (But at least people still tell me that I’m the one with a great face for radio.)

Also in attendance will be my good friend and Ubuntu community manager, Jono Bacon. I’m not sure what we should do to him this year, so please make suggestions. (Last year I learned that apparently IN-N-OUT does not kill the man. He’s like a damn cockroach!)

Google’s Chris DiBona will be there as well, and I look forward to seeing him again.

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  1. By:Mr. Anderson

    Hi Ted, one comment regarding the latest open audio release,.. Are we going to hear more from Caitlin? Cause it was fun hearing her voice.

  2. Senor Anderhiho:
    So you’re saying that we should ditch Erin for Caitlin, huh? Good idea. Consider it done!

  3. By:Mr. Anderson

    Ditching, ditching, thats not necesary, keep Erin for the nerdie tech stuff, yourself for the rock experience and Caitlin for the touch of female,..

    Btw, are you going to do some “live” openAudio shows during brainshare?

  4. Mr. Anderson:
    Yes, we will. See this post for details.