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Making a Forwarder Appear to Be the Original Sender



November 6, 2007 1:39 pm






A Forum reader recently asked:

“We’re rolling GroupWise out to our company. We’re using mainly Windows clients v7.02. How can I set a forward rule on a user or resource so that the forwarded message appears to come from the original sender and not the forwarder? This mail is all internal to GroupWise, so the FLATFWD switch at the GWIA is not an option.

An example scenario: a resource called “help”, and multiple people need to see the messages sent to “help” but they want this in their own mailbox (don’t want to have to proxy to see it).”

And here’s the response from Peter Wachs …


1. Delete the ‘From’ address in the forward action.

2. Forward the message to :””, where NAME OF GWIA is your GWIA, e.g. gwia:””.

3. Check to see if the /flatfwd switch in the gwia.cfg file or in the settings of the GWIA in ConsoleOne (SMTP/MIME-Message Formating-Enable flat-forwarding) is activated.

This way, you take a detour via your GWIA but you get the mail from the original sender.

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  1. By:ninfo

    I have tried it as mentioned in your post. Maybe I did something wrong. It is not working for me. GW702. uncomment the /flatfwd in gwia.cfg then restarted it.

    In my rule, I added gwia2:””

    gwia2 is my gwia name.

    I’m still receiving the mail from “”

  2. By:rodler

    i´d be interested in a general recommendation using or not the flatfwd-switch in conjunction with sender policy framework (spf)…
    …as i understand spf, it could become more problematic in the future (the more spf-records will exist), that mails won´t get accepted, because forwarded from a domain with a spf-record…