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Materials to Help You Upgrade NetWare Customers to Open Enterprise Server on Linux



March 16, 2009 5:35 pm





As NetWare reaches the end of its general support phase (March 7, 2010), Novell and its partners need to continue to convey the strong value proposition of Open Enterprise Server (OES) on Linux: OES delivers powerful, cost-saving benefits without the huge one-time costs of a platform migration. Why would anyone spend money on a rip-and-replace in these economic times? Gartner says that if you’re interested in ROI, upgrading to OES is the right choice. Even Microsoft says that joint customers will benefit from the interoperability features of Open Enterprise Server. Attached are documents you can use when working with NetWare customers trying to chart their next move.


  • In this economic climate, the smart move for NetWare customers is to upgrade, not migrate, especially when running Open Enterprise Server on Linux delivers so many money-saving features.
  • Open Enterprise Server is a powerful consolidation platform for the long-term, since it’s based on SUSE Linux Enterprise.
  • Upgrading from NetWare to Open Enterprise Server is easy, and Novell has world-class services and partners to help.

And there’s more. Soon you will see the launch of a high-impact, year-long campaign of programs, enablement offers and marketing to demonstrate the great value of Open Enterprise Server, and why the smart money is on upgrading to OES rather than migrating away from Novell. Details on that will follow in the next few weeks.

Promoting these strong messages is critical to maintaining the good momentum we are seeing with upgrades to Open Enterprise Server on Linux. Results of a recent Novell survey show that half of our Novell Open Enterprise Server customers are running 25% or more of their servers on Linux. Of those customers, 80% are satisfied with what it’s doing for them. This is great evidence that our message is getting through.

Keep the conversation going and watch for additional information and materials you can use to help NetWare customers make the smart choice: upgrading to Open Enterprise Server on Linux.

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