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Messaging Architects to Acquire NetMail from Novell



January 30, 2007 11:12 am





We want to let you know of a major development regarding the Novell NetMail product—a development that we feel will best deliver the continued innovations, focus and support you need. Novell has decided to transition its NetMail business, as well as leadership of the Hula open source project, to our trusted partner, Messaging Architects.

Since 1999, Messaging Architects has extended the functionality of Novell GroupWise with products that help organizations secure, manage and extend their e-mail and collaboration systems. Messaging Architects’ extensive collaboration expertise, combined with that of several NetMail developers now working on the Messaging Architects team, makes them an ideal candidate to deliver the functionality and support NetMail customers need. Messaging Architects was also a key contributor to the Hula open source project and will leverage this experience in bringing a lightweight, scalable and open source-based collaboration solution to fruition.

Current Novell NetMail customers with upgrade protection or maintenance contracts will continue to receive support directly from Novell until their contracts expire. Messaging Architects will soon release a new version of the product, and support will transition to Messaging Architects as customers take advantage of this upgrade. Please note, however, that Novell will continue to include NetMail in its Academic License Agreement (ALA) and School License Agreement (SLA) product bundles.

We recognize that many NetMail customers also use GroupWise, and we want to clearly state that this decision in no way impacts Novell’s ongoing commitment to GroupWise or its partners and customers. GroupWise is a critical product in Novell’s portfolio, and our detailed roadmaps and investment in ancillary technologies provide strong evidence that Novell intends to deliver, support and innovate with GroupWise for the long-term. In addition, Novell and Messaging Architects are committed to ensuring continued integration between GroupWise and NetMail for the many customers who use both products. Finally, while we are transitioning leadership of the Hula project to a trusted partner, we remain focused on other open source collaboration initiatives that will bring tremendous benefit to our customers.

The thousands of worldwide customers using NetMail are very important to Novell, and we have sought diligently to find the best partner to meet their needs and deliver exciting developments that lie ahead. We are confident that Messaging Architects is that partner. For more information, you can e-mail or call the NetMail hotline at 1-514-392-9220 ext: 788. For more information on the upcoming NetMail release from Messaging Architects, please visit, where current NetMail users are also encouraged to register for future product updates.

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