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Messaging Architects Chats with IGTG Founder & Novell Expert Scott Kunau



June 18, 2010 11:43 am





Recently, we had an informative chat with Scott Kunau of the Innovative Global Technology Group (IGTG) about the company, their clients’ most pressing IT needs, and the partnership with Messaging Architects. IGTG offers comprehensive expertise in Novell, Microsoft and Linux environments that follows a very simple philosophy: total commitment to client satisfaction by outstanding performance and professionalism. Scott has had dozens of M+Archive implementations which have helped his clients meet their needs for centralized email archiving, eDiscovery, and compliance. Here’s an excerpt of what Scott had to say…

MA: What’s your approach working with clients?
SK: One of the things that differentiates us is the fact that we work with clients in a comprehensive way: in addition to the software implementation, we help them with the planning stage, provide training following the deployment, and suggest best practices on managing the solution. We are also able to adapt depending on organizations’ budgets, infrastructures, and deployment schedules.

MA: That’s a bit different from the typical approach of professional services, isn’t it?
SK: Many IT consulting firms go into a company, do the project on a schedule they define and leave, perhaps providing documentation, perhaps not. When we work with a client, we insist on providing knowledge transfer and training during and after the deployment as part of the total solution we offer. We want our clients to be as self-reliant as possible while knowing that we are right behind them if they need us.

MA: You mentioned your clients highly value your flexibility. Can you elaborate on that?
SK: We work with clients in a way that best suits them. For instance, some clients rely on their own expertise for many projects. However, when it comes to GroupWise-related matters, OES, or other Novell products, they turn to us because they know we have the Novell experience they don’t.

Or another example: a large company with thousands of users needed a GroupWise stabilization, virtualization, and clustering project. I could have completed the entire project in about six to eight weeks, perhaps even less. But the client wasn’t interested in this blitz scenario. They wanted to go slowly, test things thoroughly in a virtual lab, implement changes only in off-hours when everyone was out of the system, schedule changes and upgrades well in advance, get full approval, etc. So the project ended up taking significantly longer, almost eight months. The point is, we are flexible enough to take as much time as necessary.

MA: It seems that while emotionally you have a strong allegiance to Novell products, which you regard highly, you are equally knowledgeable and at ease with Microsoft technologies.
SK: Ultimately, it’s all about the clients and what they are using. That’s why we make sure to stay on top of things, whether we are talking about Novell, Linux, or Microsoft. We have to be ready. That’s why we are able to execute complex and multi-stage projects, such as software upgrades, email migrations, archiving, clustering, data recovery, and compliance without being concerned about the particular operating system or messaging platform.

Read Scott’s entire interview.

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