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Migration Wizard Stumbling Block Resolved


September 26, 2008 12:04 pm






Doing an across the wire migration for a hardware upgrade of a standalone server using the Migration Wizard, after the file copy is done, the error log shows literally thousands of files not backed up. The error message is ” ‘NWSMTS error: Data set is currently in use and cannot be accessed.’ ” This is puzzling, because all users except the Admin doing the migration were disconnected prior to the file copy, and all server processes stopped.


Upon further investigation, it is found that this volume is a source for Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) software. The files that were skipped are all small stubs (pointers) to old files that had been migrated to target 2nd tier storage.

Research determines the Novell Migration Wizard will not migrate stub files.


It was decided the best alternative is to backup the volume with software that understands HSM, such as Backup Exec, and to restore using the setting “Do not restore if file exists”, which should only need to write the missed stub files, thus taking less time. If necessary, trustees that were backed up using TRUSTBAR.NLM can be restored.


However, after the restore, the stubs are still missing from the new server’s volume. A review of the very large backup log shows, in addition to the expected “Trustee was not restored for VOL1:XX/XXX, because the trustee IDs are different.”, thousands of the following type of error appear: “Insufficient privilege for \APPS\Citrix\ICAClient\wfcmgr.hlp – SKIPPED.-.” Subsequent tries, including restoring regardless of whether a file exists or not also fail to restore the stubs, while restoring the others. A test of a restore to a redirected directory on the existing server DOES restore the stubs.


The migration server volume is an NSS volume created during Pre-Migration Server install. During install, “Migration” was set to “No”. See screenshot.

Click to view.


Set Migration to “Yes”, reran the restor, and the stubs were restored to the new, migration server. After this server assumed the identity of the old server, trustees were checked, and were deemed to be missing some. TRUSTBAR.NLM was run in reverse, and all was well.

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  1. By:Anonymous

    Good thing I read this TID bit of info … I’m doing a S/W and H/W upgrade this weekend .. and have seen this error show up already in a test file migration port.
    Thx for the info …

    Paul J.
    Toronto, Canada