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Missing the NetWare agent screen on your new Linux server?


August 27, 2008 3:53 am





When moving the GroupWise system from NetWare to Linux, the first and main thing I was missing was the nice agent screens which show you directly what is going on.

I know we have the HTTP monitors, but always pressing F5 in the web browser doesn’t feel as near by to the action as before.

Before I moved our whole GroupWise system to Linux, I started with one MTA and one GWIA in order to see how the agents behaved and how to deal with problems.

What can I say, it is just up and running!

However, sometimes I just can’t believe how well everything goes and want to see my good old GWIA agent screen from NetWare to see mails coming in from and going to the Internet.

So I wrote a little script to see the last messages of the recent log file directly on the server.

I don’t have to open a web browser and can just connect via ssh to the Linux box.

This is what the script looks like:

#Output of recent GWIA log file
lastfile=$(ls /opt/novell/groupwise/logs/gwia/*gwia* -ct1 | head -1)
tail -f $lastfile

That’s it!

The ls command looks for the latest log file of the GWIA. The log file has normally the format MMDDgwia.XXX where MM represents the month, DD the day and XXX the number of the log file for that day.

The tail -f command shows the last 10 lines (by default) of the log file. The -f option updates the screen output if new lines are appended to the log file.

This way, I have at least the feeling of the agent screens like in the good old NetWare days.

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  1. By:Zippy

    That’s no fun, just launch them all to show the screen under a separate “screen” session 🙂

    Sure the performance will probably take a hit but then you can really see everything.

    (No I’m not really recommending you do that)

  2. By:Anonymous

    I had to modify your file a little bit.

    I have SLES 10 SP1 with OES2 and GW 7.03 with GNome.
    The shell is sh and the log files are in a different place.
    I added ‘-n 20’ to the tail to view the last 20 lines.

    Here is my modified script.
    #Output of recent GWIA log file
    lastfile=$(ls /var/log/novell/groupwise/domain.gwia/*gwia* -ct1 | head -1)
    tail -f -n 20 $lastfile
    where domain = your GWDomain
    I trust this work for others
    I suspect this can be modified for other GroupWise log files.

    –John G

  3. By:anonymous


    just make it!