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Monitoring GroupWise Post Office Usage Using MRTG


February 8, 2011 2:33 pm





First of all the HTTP monitor of your post offices should be configured with MyUser and MyPassword (you should also consider to use some extra firewall rules. Also you need a machine running MRTG (built in product in Novell/SUSE). Quote: “MRTG is primary used to graph all sorts of network devices as well as everything else from weather data to vending machines”. Written in perl it grabs data regularly and draws pretty pictures (the kind of pictures you can show the boss). If you are new to MRTG – install the product – google for some information – the tool you want to start with is named “cfgmaker”. On a machine with MRTG (and snmpd) installed you can try:

cfgmaker localhost

Lets get to business. In this Example all scripts are located in /root/script, gets all caching, all direct and all SOAP connections. Save the scripts and chmod +x them.

/usr/bin/wget -O- -q --user=MyUser --password=MyPassword http://$1:7181/rconn | /usr/bin/awk -f /root/script/poa.awk

/usr/bin/wget -O- -q --user=MyUser --password=MyPassword http://$1:7181/conn | /usr/bin/awk -f /root/script/poa.awk

/usr/bin/wget -O- -q --user=MyUser --password=MyPassword http://$1:7181/dsoaps | /usr/bin/awk -f /root/script/poa.awk


/GroupWise User ID/{user++;}
END {printf ("%i\n%i\n",user,internal);}

YourNetwork should be for example 192.168 to identify all internal users.

Part of mrtg.cfg:

Target[myPO-gwdc]: `/root/script/ MyPoIPAddress`
MaxBytes[myPO-gwdc]: 512
YLegend[myPO-gwdc]: GroupWise online client
LegendI[myPO-gwdc]:  Connections:
LegendO[myPO-gwdc]:  from campus:
ShortLegend[myPO-gwdc]: #
Options[myPO-gwdc]: gauge,growright,nopercent,noinfo
Title[myPO-gwdc]: myPO online GroupWise client
PageTop[myPO-gwdc]: myPO online GroupWise client
Legend1[myPO-gwdc]: online GroupWise client
Legend2[myPO-gwdc]: online GroupWise client from campus

Target[myPO-gwcc]: `/root/script/ MyPoIPAddress`
MaxBytes[myPO-gwcc]: 512
YLegend[myPO-gwcc]: GroupWise caching/remote client
LegendI[myPO-gwcc]:  Connections:
LegendO[myPO-gwcc]:  from campus:
ShortLegend[myPO-gwcc]: #
Options[myPO-gwcc]: gauge,growright,nopercent,noinfo
Title[myPO-gwcc]: myPO caching/remote GroupWise client
PageTop[myPO-gwcc]: myPO caching/remote GroupWise client
Legend1[myPO-gwcc]: caching/remote GroupWise client
Legend2[myPO-gwcc]: caching/remote GroupWise client from campus

Target[myPO-gwsc]: `/root/script/ MyPoIPAddress`
MaxBytes[myPO-gwsc]: 512
YLegend[myPO-gwsc]: GroupWise SOAP connections
LegendI[myPO-gwsc]:  Connections:
LegendO[myPO-gwsc]:  from campus:
ShortLegend[myPO-gwsc]: #
Options[myPO-gwsc]: gauge,growright,nopercent,noinfo
Title[myPO-gwsc]: myPO SOAP connections
PageTop[myPO-gwsc]: myPO SOAP connections
Legend1[myPO-gwsc]: SOAP connections
Legend2[myPO-gwsc]: SOAP connections from campus

Have fun!

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  1. By:gburg

    I used MRTG a long time ago and am glad to see it come back into the GroupWise utility arena. I will certainly recommend using it.

    MRTG rules!