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More New Utopia Stuff: Internet Router Appliance


April 10, 2008 3:14 am





Most times when using a Utopia demo you want the demo virtual machines to have internet access as well as being able to communicate with each other. If your demo is small enough to fit onto one physical host, providing the vm’s with internet is easy: just set the virtual network to NAT. But what if you want to span the vm’s across multiple hosts, either because the demo is large or because you want to optimise performance?

Whenever you need a vm on host 1 to talk to another vm on host 2 you need to use VMware’s Bridged Mode for networking, and then of course you lose NAT’s ability to provide seamless internet access to the vm’s. In the past we provided a workaround for this that involved you manually reconfiguring one of the hosts to act as the default route and gateway for internet traffic, but this was complex to do.

Now, with this new lightweight router vm, we are giving you what is in effect an internet router virtual appliance for Utopia systems. This tiny vm requires only 64Mb of RAM to run, but if you start it up in a bridged Utopia demo all the vm’s in that demo will instantly and automatically get access to the internet via the physical interface of the host on which the appliance is running.

In other words, just unzip it and fire it up. Job done.

You can download the new appliance here

Documentation is available on our wiki at

Happy Demo-ing.

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