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Moving NON Home Directory Data From One Server to Another (Traditional to NSS Too!)


July 14, 2009 12:27 pm





Well, here’s the scoop. Take Novell Storage Manager 2.5 and create an Action Object that performs the copy process for you!!! This is SaWeeeet!

Create the LDIF File

From the ConsoleOne Directory drop to a windows command line.

ldapadd -x -h -D cn=admin,o=central -W -f
Example: copy_Data_Dir.LDIF
version: 1 

dn: cn=Copy_Program_Dir,ou=nsm_actionobjects,ou=storagemgr,o=central				
changetype: add				
objectclass: cccFSFactoryAction				
cccFSFactoryActionPath1: cn=ESTEACH1_VOL1,ou=eastside,o=central#4#PROGRAM				
cccFSFactoryActionOption: <Option><ParentPaths>1</ParentPaths></Option>				
cccFSFactoryActionPath2: cn=ccsoes1_eastside,ou=datacenter,o=central#4#PROGRAM				
cccFSFactoryActionOperation: COPYDIR				
cccFSFactoryActionTrigger: READY	

Notes: Here is what each line does:

dn=eDir object name

ActionPath1 = Source
ActionOption ParentPath1 – If Directory is NOT there then create the missing Directory
ActionPath2 = Destination
Operation – Copy Data
Trigger – LETS GO!

Once the copy process is over, delete the eDirctory Object, change your
paths and import it again! Nice huh!

Thanks to Condrey Backline Support!

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  1. By:Magic31

    Interesting way to move your data… Curious why you would use this over SCMT 1.2 though (other than not needing the Windows platform or additional tools to do the copy)?

  2. By:noneal

    In that particular environemtn a couple of servers were having a very tough time with nfs, Traditional Volumes and the SCMT. Plus we were neck deep in NSM 2.5 so the Action Object utility came up and worked fine. I hope this makes since. BTW, since then, we fixed the issues with nfs.