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My Disk is Stuck


August 26, 2010 12:01 pm





WH wrote: TS = Technical Support Rep/ PHP = Pointy-haired professor!

TS: “techsupport, how can I help you?”
PHP: My disk is stuck.
TS: Which disk? Is this your CD or DVD drive?
PHP: no… ( silence like I should know better) it’s the disk drive.
TS: (silence)
PHP: You know.. the disk drive like I’ve always had. It takes the
square black disks…
…TS checks watch and re-assures himself that no flux-capacitor
is nearby…

TS: OK. Have you tried pushing and holding the eject button?
PHP: Yeah, I did everything, even trying to get it out with my scissors.
TS: (silent “Ow!”) Can you give me your room#, name and a time we
can come and investigate further?
PHP: Room 555B-A, PHP, anytime today – this is kind of urgent. My book
manuscript is due at the publisher today.
TS: Am I to understand that the only copy of your book manuscript is
small enough to fit on a floppy; and the only copy is now jammed in your
PHP: Well, you don’t need to say it that way.
TS: I’ll be right up.

In room 555B-A:
TS: can you try to eject the disk using the My Computer context command?
PHP: (bewildered look) Um, I’ve never tried to inspect my computer
on Octoberfest.
TS: Ok, please let me sit at the workstation (takes the Conn)
TS: There is no disk in drive A, the floppy drive.
PHP: right.
TS: So… where is the stuck disk…?
PHP: In the other one.
TS: Other..? Do you mean the Zip drive?
PHP: Oh, is that what that is? My grandson told me if I used that
drive, that my disks would hold 100 MB, so I tried it.
TS: Ok, well, this one is malfunctioning. I will use tweezers to get
your floppy disk out and make sure it works, but this drive is going to
be removed.
PHP: When will you have it back?
TS: I think the service contract on these is expired. If they
determine that we did not damage it…
You didn’t jam your scissors in too far, right?
…. they will replace it free. Otherwise, the shipping and
repairs will cost us more than a new external drive.
PHP: Oh, nevermind. If I need that, I’ll have my Grandson install it
for me.

Support incident closed.

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