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My Password Doesn’t Work


August 26, 2010 1:48 pm





JC wrote: Overheard one day working on site at one of those big downtown law firms.
You’ll have to fill in the blank of the other side of the conversation.

“Help Desk, this is…”

“Oh hi, welcome back. What can I do for you?”

“No problem. Your I’ll reset your password to the word password with a capital P, and a zero for the 0. Once you log in you’ll be prompted to change it.”

( long pause )

“I’ll make sure I typed it right… OK… For your password type capital P, lower case a s, lower case s, lower case w, the number zero, lower case r, lower case d.”

( pause )

“Is the caps lock key on?”

“Hold on, I’ll remote in. Read me the computer name form the label above the power button.”

( pause )

“OK, I’m in. Let me try it. No, that’s me moving your mouse.”

( pause )

“Oh, I think I see the problem. How do you spell your last name? <<>> With an ‘i-e’ or ‘e-i’? Yeah, you typed your user name wrong.”

( pause )

“Now, you’re logged in, you have to set a new password. Just enter your old password and type in a new password. You have to type it twice to verify.”

“Your old password is capital P-a-s-s-w-0-r-d…”

Etc etc etc

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