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New Teaming + Conferencing Demo Just Released


April 9, 2008 2:01 am





Kevin Smith has been working with the Workgroup Business Unit to update the Utopia Teaming + Conferencing demo by installing the latest versions of GroupWise and Teaming, and by incorporating some sample scripts featuring fictional companies to help you communicate the business value of Novell Teaming to your customers.

ParterNet members and Novell employees can download the demo and access the documentation .

Both resources require authentication. PartnerNet members use your Novell Login account and Novell Employees, use your employee-flagged Novell Login account.

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  1. By:cneal-novell

    I forgot to mention that I will post again once the demo is available on NODS.

    NODS stands for Novell Online Demo System, and provides access to the Utopia demos via remote control right through your web browser. Very handy if you don’t have the time to install or download large demo images.

  2. By:cneal-novell

    This demo has now been posted to the NODS service. To provision the demo for direct access thru your web browser visit the NODS url appropriate to your Geo:

    (PartnerNet or Novell employee login required)

  3. By:FlyingGuy

    So much for that.

  4. By:cneal-novell


    If you are unable to access the demo or its documentation please provide more details so that I can help you.

    Can you describe what error/problem you are seeing?


  5. By:FlyingGuy

    So I went to the site..

    Created a T&C demo.

    Went to the URL’s provided and none of the credentials would work.

    I will try it again and give you more detail.

  6. By:FlyingGuy

    OK I setup another Demo…

    Got BOTH e-mail messages

    The demo was set up on:

    I popped that URL into FF and my SLES 10 SP1 box.

    The login prompt came up.

    NONE of the supplied login credentials worked, nor did my partnerNet login credentials work.

    I tried the “forgotten password” link, and popped in the same e-mail address the system sent me my “conformation Message” to and was promptly told that “The email address you requested is not registered in our database.” .

    So one again, I will just say Its Broken.

  7. By:cneal-novell


    Sorry you’re having problems. The problem has to do with some confusion over the correct credentials to use.

    Please ignore the userids and passwords listed in the NODS emails, and instead view the documentation at
    That tells you to login to the Teaming server as either Bob or Tina with password = novell.

    The credentials sent in the email are for accessing the demo via remote control, which is an alternative method to accessing it direct at the zaphod link you were sent.

    Please let me know how you get on.


  8. By:FlyingGuy

    This was about 2130 hrs PDT, I really hope the machine I was connected to was very heavily loaded or that the resources it was trying to connect to were heavily loaded. If not, then this thing is slower then molasses in January.

    Look I know all the 20 somethings think that T&C is just the coolest thing ever, but when I looked at it, it really confirmed what I had thought before looking at it, and that was:

    This is a bunch of 20 somethings trying desperately to shoe horn their love of Facebook and or Myspace into business or alternatively, and it pains me to say this, it is a business desperate to lure the 20 somethings by building a product that attempts to re-create Facebook and or MySpace and bend it to the breaking point so it will seem as though it is a business application.

    In either regard its sad to see Novell heading down this road.

    If these demo’s are meant to sway folks, like me, who do business then failure is all I see. No where do I see:

    Enterprise resources – printing file services on far flung servers.

    Anything that remotely resembles any current Novell Product.

    All I see is a place to stick files to share, a place to put up vanity web pages, pictures of my kids???? My vacation??? and in general a place to waste time tweaking a bunch of settings to replace what would very simply be an e-mail with an attachment, or an invite to a GW shared folder a pointer to a file in a GW file library.

    Sorry, it just doesn’t show value, except to appeal to a bunch of collage kids who can’t let go of playing on FaceBook or MySpace when they should be growing up and learning that work is just that, work.

  9. By:FlyingGuy


    I would recommend that you make it quite clear which login credentials to use in the session scheduler instead of having people go bouncing around to other web pages looking for the key to getting into the demo they just scheduled.

    It is nice to be able to show potential customers and current customers systems that are available, good work.

  10. By:roopa28

    I am sorry to write this email directly to you.

    In the last 3 weeks I struggled every single day to install Conferencing server/client and tried to ask some questions on Kablink. But I did not get any reply.

    My problem is, I have installed all the prerequisites of Conferecning server (neon, postgerql, php5, apache2 etc) on SLES 10 sp1. Also created 3 IP addresses and DNS names. The installation goes through successfully with absolutely no issue but when I access the portal, I get an empty page with bottombar that says Novell. Is there a problem with PHP5 config? Do I need to fix anything here?

    2nd problem, I am unable to connect from clicnt to server. I keep getting -992 code on the client.

    I will really appreciate if you could help me with this. Once I am satisfied with the product, I am going to start adding Video piece to it (ofcourse for opensource).

    I also had issues with client building. but I think that I can get it working.

    Please help me in debugging this issue or if I need to contact support directly, please give me a number or something.