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New version of Novell Conferencing!


September 2, 2010 11:08 am





I have invited Nick McCleery, Product Manager for Novell Conferencing, to be a guest on my blog. Nick will introduce himself, announce the update to Novell Conferencing and give details about the release of Novell Conferencing – which is NOW available!

Good news for Novell Conferencing Users, our new features are now live!


Hello all, my name is Nick McCleery the newest member of the Product Management Team working primarily with Novell Conferencing, our exciting new collaboration tool. It’s wonderful to be part of a team with so many cutting edge products.

Novell Conferencing if you have not heard is our online 100% browser based Conferencing application enabling teams from around the world to collaborate, creating meetings almost instantly. Best of all it requires no application downloads to start a meeting and share documents; all at about a fourth the cost of our competitors. Too good to be true? Check out our new line up of features.

Screen Share – we’ve always had the ability to show our desktop but now have expanded the capability to share a scalable region if you wish; or even a single application running on your desktop enabling you to keep sensitive information private at the touch of a button.

File Share – You can now upload documents before you begin a meeting and store them for later use with a 2GB storage capacity. And best of all you can share the URL to the file with your attendees and they can download the file directly to their computer. File share was limited to PDF and MS PowerPoint only. With the new release you can now share any Microsoft Office application in addition to the standard PDF.

Web Content – Web Content is a great way to share video and streaming media from the web. You can simply copy and paste the embed code to a video you would like to share and store it in your web content manager to use in future meetings. Of course you can add content on the fly in a meeting and manage your media streams from an easy to use manager. The great part of this feature is that your media will stream directly from the internet to your attendees removing annoying lag time and choppy videos you get with common screen share applications.

White Board – The white board now works better than ever with quicker reaction time and new zoom controls for better collaboration.

Polls – Polls are brand new to the lineup. You can create polls from your dashboard before a meeting begins and present them later, or create them on the fly while a meeting is running. You can also store the data to re-present the polls in future meetings and compare results in a convenient graphical display.

Chat – Of course Novell Conferencing has a public chat window to communicate with your entire audience, but you also have the option to chat privately with attendees, and if you wish you can enable private chat between participants.

Recording – From the click of a button you can begin recording your Novell Conferencing meetings. The recording will be made available to the presenter once the meeting has ended and can be viewed via a URL or downloaded directly from the server. The chat window will be provided in separate transcript.

Audio Video – previously we provided two cameras with the option to use four microphones, this feature is now expanded to incorporate four web cams with integrated audio, giving you the ability to video conference from around the globe.

GW 8.0.2 integration – I’ve saved the best for last! With our new release we built 3 great new integrations. You can now schedule a conference through your GW 8.0.2 home page. Simple hit “new appointment” and you can use the new “conference” tab allowing you to set meeting keys and make adjustments to your conferencing preferences all while scheduling a new appointment in your calendar. The beauty here is the URL and any credentials necessary to join the meeting will be automatically included in the appointment and you have access to your normal contacts.

Novell Messenger Integration – I personally love our integration with Novell Messenger as the most convenient way to start a meeting and invite colleagues to join. From the “actions” section located at the bottom of Novell Messenger simply hit “start a meeting” and select whom you wish to have attend. As soon as you hit “ok” the browser will open with the meeting running and an instant message will be sent to every one you selected with a simple invite to the meeting. If they hit “join” their browser will open with the meeting running and you can literally be meeting in a matter of seconds.

Teaming Integration – From teaming you will be able to spawn meetings and invite colleagues from your teams all from your team’s profiles; yet another great way to start collaborating with your team members.

Try it out today — you can get a free 30-day trial here.

*The product is fully localized in French and German. Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese Simplified will be provided over the next few weeks.

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  1. By:swishewk

    When can we expect the version that we can install on our own servers? Paying customers of Conferencing 1.0 do not want to pay again for a Novell hosted solution.

    • By:nmccleery

      We’re currently outlining the engineering requirements behind the on prem solution so I don’t have a date to announce. However, as cloud services become more popular we hope the current hosted solution will fit the majority of our customers needs and market demand. Also, the hosted solution provides some key advantages associated with cost savings and we have data centers located around the globe for increased performance world wide.