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Nexic Discovery 7.7 – Where Large eDiscovery Searches Takes Seconds!

Angela Williams


November 4, 2014 4:03 pm





It’s Monday morning and you receive that dreaded eDiscovery request from Legal. It seems pretty straight forward a simple search, which they need well, yesterday. Without access to an email archiving solution like Nexic Discovery, you think the request shouldn’t be too complex to put together. As you begin to define and organize your search process you realize it will require searching millions maybe even tens of millions of records across various backup tapes for the requested time period. Once you’ve restored a backup tape and cleared the password protection, you begin searching each individual account in the request. After you’ve finished searching the first back up tape, you start again with the next backup tape. This process can take hours if not days to complete.

If you have an archiving solution, you first connect to it then enter the search criteria and well, since there’s a lot of data to search it could take hours or days to find and render the results in an acceptable format for Legal.

At some point you’ve finally compiled all the results only to have Legal change the search criteria and ask you to begin the process all over again. All along, the pressure is mounting to get what Legal needs because they have a deadline to meet. You make the requested changes to the search criteria, search everything again and deliver results – only to find out once again that the search criteria needs to change: expand it to include an and/or statement with an additional user or limit to a smaller sub set of data.

Sound familiar? We hear this type of scenario all the time: Legal has a specific eDiscovery request to meet and IT needs to produce it yesterday. More times than not, you can count on the search criteria changing or needing to be modified. You can’t do much to eliminate or reduce the eDiscovery requests you receive from Legal, however there are ways to make the searching and rendering results dramatically faster.

Some search results could take minutes or hours to find then render for output. The new Nexic Discovery 7.7 takes mere seconds to find messages, even in large databases. We made a test on real world messages in a 500 GB Discovery 7.7 database with over 100 million messages. Search results could easily take several minutes using a default SQL search, yet the new Discovery 7.7 performed the same search in under 10 seconds. 4 seconds to locate the data and 6 seconds to render it. Impressive? We think so. Nearly all search results completed within 6-20 seconds. With that kind of performance legal can change their minds as often as needed.

The search results can then be saved out in various output options such as XML, EML and plain text if needed, to share with legal or a third-party entity. Because examining message text and attachments is critical to any organizations information security policy, Nexic Discovery 7.7 makes it simple and easy to scan, monitor, and export email messages. The archived data can easily be searched by keyword, phrases, date range, users, attachments and other advanced search options.

Nexic has been creating export and email archiving solutions specifically for GroupWise for over 14 years. Solutions range from end-user personal archives to enterprise level, long-term archive and email retention solutions. Discovery 7.7 relies on years of experience with archiving and email retention as well as on our extensive experience with designing and developing for the actual GroupWise product. We are the email archive experts for GroupWise.

If you are interested in learning more about Nexic Discovery 7.7 or to see a live demo of how fast and simple email archiving and eDiscovery should be, please contact Nexic at (801) 434-4717 or visit us at

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