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May 7, 2009 4:58 pm

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“Lets Get it Started!”

Look at us, we’re like a young warrior entering his first stages of adulthood. “WE ARE SPARTA!!”

Aren’t you all as excited as we are, I bet not. We have 10 solid forms to launch with and 10 more just a stone’s throw away from READY. What we most anticipate is the feedback. We are active Cool Solutioners (I think I just made that word up… its giving me the red squigly below it… squigly has one too?) So please let us know how we’re doing by email: or by snail mail:
1234 WhoInTheWorldUsesSnailMail Ln.
WeSureDont, CA 94949

Keep in mind that we made that whole snail mail address up… so don’t actually send anything to it. We aren’t responsible for any lost or stolen… anything.

Oh and here is our quote of the day
“There’s a good chance my brain is about to explode right now.”
Sir. Strong Bad

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