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November 28, 2006 2:23 pm





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We announced some REALLY cool new products today 🙂

These are the first products in our desktop-to-data centre management initiative and offer a set of solutions to orchestrate the management of virtual machines, high-performance computing and other IT resources.

Briefly, they are :

  • Novell ZENworks Orchestrator for policy based data-centre automation. ZENworks Orchestrator takes a holistic approach to learn from previous events and resource demands.
  • Novell ZENworks Virtual Machine Management gives organizations the ability to confidently employ virtualization in their data centers, whether running on Linux, UNIX or Windows machines. From VMware to Microsoft to Xen virtualization environments, this policy-based solution automates the process of deploying and managing virtual data center assets, as well as dynamically provisioning workloads and ensuring business continuity. This solution also manages virtualized environments in Novell Open Enterprise Server.
  • Novell ZENworks HPC Management provides grid-based management of Java applications and enables workloads to be distributed for parallel execution. This includes automated high-performance multicast data distribution which can move and copy large volumes of data to remote resources for processing.
  • Novell ZENworks 7.5 Asset Management, the only product on the market that runs readiness reports for both Windows Vista and SUSE® Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 from Novell, helps customers to control and manage their IT infrastructure with a clear and complete picture of their asset environment.

And this is just a brief. For full details of the announcement, checkout :

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  1. By:miked

    Does ZAM 7.5 still require a Windows server backend? What’s the timeline for getting this to run on SLES?

  2. miked – ZENworks Asset Management will be cross platform mid-2007.

    Look out for the next few posts on ZENworks.

  3. By:Matt

    So when will this cool stuff be available?

  4. Matt

    ZENworks 7.5 Asset Management is available now.

    The other components will be available in the coming weeks. Watch this space.

  5. If you really want people to read the white paper don’t put a mandatory survey in front off it. You had my interest but lost it.

  6. By:David Allen

    The survey is no different to what any other company would have – if that made you lose interest then I don’t think you were that interested in the first place!

  7. By:Bill Simpson

    I agree with the comment Jim Webb made. I do not see the necessity of providing information to view a White Paper. I belive that the link is intended to direct a perspective client to the White Page link
    and not a survey.
    I belive the last remark made by Mr. Allen was dis-respectful and had no reason to be posted. I think including your account logon link would be great for those of us who already have one, rather than
    re-type the information.