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The next version of Novell Teaming – Durango


April 23, 2010 11:09 am





A new version of Novell Teaming is planned for later this fall. Check out the new features that are planned for this release…

Novell Teaming continues to take huge strides forward. The engineering team has been working very closely with Tracy Smith, Teaming Product Manager and customers to define, design and implement the next round of ‘coolness’ in this growing and exciting product. The next release is code named: Durango. It is scheduled to release later this fall and is fast approaching its code complete date. I want to share with our customers the features that will be part of this release.

Here is the general theme and overall direction for the Durango release:

General UX improvements, Entry Level Access Control, Branding improvements, and User Management (sync improvements).

We are very excited about Durango! This release has quickly evolved into a significant release with current plans to deliver the following features:

  • General User Experience Improvements (throughout the product)
  • Branding/Theming (supporting for BOTH site and workspace branding support, simple/fast branding experience)
  • User Profile (User experience improvements, additional user properties with support to identify knowledge experts, and “fly over” support for user profiles
  • User Management improvements (better group and user synchronization, tighter directory and workspace synchronization, and support for disabling accounts in Teaming)
  • Entry History/Versioning and Promotion (entry level history/versioning support including the ability to promote a previous to current)
  • Document Management improvements (including version deletion, major/minor version, and version categories like “official”, “current” etc., and file level access control)
  • Significant performance improvements (through updated Lucene indexing services and support for multi read/write threads)
  • Significantly improved relevance (applied to Teaming search results)
  • Integrated Windows Authentication (delivering Windows NTLM and Kerberos authentication)
  • Novell Messenger Presence Integration
  • Novell Conferencing Integration
  • and much much more . . .

Take a look at these screen shots:

Profile ‘fly-over’

Click to view.

Teaming Landing Page

Click to view.

We also intend to release a ‘Teaming Connector’. This connector will be part of the Novell Data Synchronizer family of products. Its initial design will be to synchronize Appointments and Tasks between GroupWise and Teaming. This connector is currently scheduled to be available about the same time as Durango is available.

There is a prototype of many of the features we are planning in Durango.

This prototype is for the future not a functioning Teaming system. We won’t be able to get all the prototype implemented now, but A LOT of it. Its updated regularly as we work on the various components in Teaming. We encourage people to take a look and make comments. The focus for Durango is the masthead (branding), left navigation, menus and profiles.

We are also updating the Teaming Library. This library is a collection of Forms and Workflows that can be used to complete the Teaming experience. We have a current Academic demo and we are getting ready to release a new ‘local government’ demo space. See the workspace tab on this site.

Please watch the web site for previews and discussions on Durango and become an authorized beta site. Authorized BETAs will begin probably in June.

We are all about getting you excited about what is coming. However, don’t wait! Get started now with Teaming 2.1 which shipped earlier this year. Upgrades are simple and getting your organization experienced with the current benefits of Teaming will propel them to greater productivity once Durango is available.


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  1. By:jwalls2007


    Great work on the mock-up! Looks real good. I do like the very AJAX’y feel of the interface. As well as the new layout. Can’t wait to see the real thing once it is in beta!

    John W.

    • By:dlythgoe


      Thanks for your feedback…I will pass this on to the engineering team. Always nice to hear something positive. Glad you like what the team has done!