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No More AD Chaos: Novell File Management Suite Brings Even Greater Control to File Storage in Active Directory Environments



September 13, 2010 4:10 pm

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No More AD Chaos: Novell File Management Suite Brings Even Greater Control to File Storage in Active Directory Environments

By Ken Baker, Novell Connection Magazine – September 2010

Here’s an excerpt:

Novell recently released an update to Novell File Management Suite, an offering that combines Novell expertise in file storage and identity technologies to deliver intelligent file management. With integration between Active Directory and the following three Novell products, the suite works together to provision, relocate, optimize and report on file storage based on user roles and customized business policies:

  • Novell Storage Manager
  • Novell File Reporter
  • Novell Dynamic File Services

Policy Power

The major update to Novell File Management Suite is that its Novell Storage Manager component now delivers feature parity between Active Directory and Novell eDirectory environments. The significant enhancements in this new version of Novell Storage Manager bring to Active Directory environments the same powerful file-level management capabilities that used to be available only in eDirectory environments. In short, there is no longer a requirement for any Novell infrastructure to enjoy the full benefits of Novell File Management Suite.

Novell Storage Manager ties together the directory, identity and file systems, enabling organizations to align user storage resources with corporate policy. The product accomplishes this by dynamically managing and provisioning storage based on user and group events that occur in either Novell eDirectory or Microsoft Active Directory.

Prior to this update, Novell Storage Manager could only manage file storage in a user’s home folder in Active Directory environments. Now it has the ability to manage almost every aspect of storage as it relates to Active Directory users and groups, including auxiliary or collaborative storage (discrete pieces of storage associated with a user or group).

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