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No Rumor: GroupWise is in the Cloud


May 24, 2011 3:22 am





GWCheck had a short interview with Sam Rolens, Marketing Coordinator for HostedEM. HostedEM will launch the first ever Cloud-Based Managed Service for Novell GroupWise in the enterprise collaboration market on May 24th.

GWCheck: What is HostedEM?
Sam: HostedEM is a third party provider that is working in partnership with Novell to deliver Hosted Enterprise Mail.

The service is leveraging the Verizon cloud, and is also built upon Sonian’s cloud archiving and Kasperky Lab’s anti-spam and anti-virus solutions, to further improve upon the other cloud options on the market.

This service will be entirely unique in the collaboration market. This is the first GroupWise managed option available to compete with Gmail and the many options for hosted Microsoft collaboration services.

GWCheck: How does it work?
Sam: This service works in a direct connection with GroupWise. HostedEM manages storage, maintenance, security and access to a fully managed GroupWise install.

For users in an organization using HostedEM, the actual product is indistinguishable from a local install of Novell GroupWise.

There was a deliberate push to make sure this managed service had no effect on the current iteration of GroupWise running at a business.

Migration is done all on the back-end so current GroupWise users will not even notice a change in their service, and maintenance is backend as well.

GWCheck: How do .EDU and business benefit from the new service?
Sam: Education will benefit from the cost and from the exporting of complex email upkeep (educational IT resources are usually spread pretty thin).

Business stands to benefit from the ease of scalability and heightened security provided by Kaspersky (who is partnering with HostedEM to round out the service – see attached release for more details).

GWCheck: What is the next step for those who want it? Migrate how?
Sam: We’re hoping that ease of migration will be one of the most popular features of HostedEM. Migration is entirely free of charge for customers, and happens all on the backend.

Essentially, those interested simply have to start paying the monthly managed fee. The migration will be carried out behind the scenes, without any downtime for the system.


Press release

HostedEM Announces First Ever Cloud-Based Novell® GroupWise® Solution

May 24 2011

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., May 24 /PRNewswire — HostedEM, a managed services provider, announces the upcoming launch of the first ever Cloud-Based Managed Service for Novell® GroupWise® in the enterprise collaboration market. Leveraging the Verizon cloud, Hosted Enterprise Mail powered by Novell® GroupWise® (HostedEM) is delivered through a partnership with Novell, and relies on cloud archiving provided by Sonian as well as anti-spam and anti-virus protection provided by Kaspersky Lab.

“We’re thrilled to be able to announce this service,” said a representative of HostedEM. “Novell GroupWise is a product with a substantial and devoted customer base, and until now, some customers have been forced to choose between the benefits of cloud-based, managed email and the rich features in GroupWise.”

The cloud-email service of HostedEM is designed to run exclusively with Novell GroupWise. “We are very excited to have HostedEM delivering Novell GroupWise in the cloud,” said Bob Flynn, president and general manager at Novell. “For those customers who are looking to move their on-premise e-mail solution to the cloud, this will give them a cost-effective, yet powerful choice. The beauty of HostedEM is that it delivers the same market-leading level of security and reliability that our customers have enjoyed for years with Novell GroupWise.”

The service is also based on a partnership with Sonian, whose email archiving solution provides one of the core capabilities of HostedEM. “As a pioneer in cloud-powered email archiving, Sonian is very excited to support the first available cloud-managed GroupWise option,” said Jeff Dickerson, CEO at Sonian. “Sonian has been working with the Novell GroupWise community for years, developing the optimal integration points for high performing and efficient archiving directly from the GroupWise Post Office.”

Petr Merkulov, Vice President of Product Management at Kaspersky Lab, expressed the company’s excitement at the opportunity to provide anti-spam/anti-virus protection for HostedEM. “Kaspersky Lab welcomes the opportunity to work alongside our premier technology brand partners Novell, Verizon, and now HostedEM to provide our mutual customers with the best-of-breed technology platform they require,” says Merkulov. “Kaspersky Lab has a large community of long-time Novell clients, and by providing security for the first hosted GroupWise® option, we are giving them exactly what they need: the industry’s best multi-layered protection for their data, all efficiently hosted in the cloud for a low Total Cost of Protection that meets their business needs.”

Hosted Enterprise Mail powered by Novell® GroupWise® brings Novell’s popular enterprise collaboration client into the cloud management sphere with its launch on May 24th.

For information on service specifics and pricing, visit or contact

Novell®, the Novell® logo and GroupWise® are registered trademarks of Novell, Inc. in the USA.

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