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Getting Notifications on E-mails for a Designated Folder


October 30, 2007 4:19 am






A user needs to separate incoming emails of a certain topic into a secondary folder and to receive notification when the new email is added to that folder.


Create a rule to move mail into a designated folder and to update the notification settings.

1. Go to Rules > Tools.

2. Click New.

3. In Rule Name, enter a name for the rule.

4. In the When Event Is area, click Received.

5. In Item Types, click on Mail.

6. Click on Define Conditions.

7. In the drop-down list, select Delivered.

8. In the list box, check the On Or After Date option.

9. In the text field, enter the effective starting date.

10. Select the last list box and click And.

11. In the second drop-down list, click Subject.

12. In the second list box, click Contains.

13. In the second text box, enter the text of the email that you would like to separate from the items in your mailbox.

14. In the final list box, click End.

15. Click OK.

16. In the Then Actions Are area, click Add Action.

17. Click Move To Folder.

18. In the Move Item To Folder Action dialog box, click the checkmark box in front of the folder into which the new mail will be moved.

19. Click Move.

20. Click Save.

21. In the Rules dialog box, ensure that the rule has a checkmark in front of the rule name.

22. Click Close.

For notification, perform the following steps:

1. Right-click the GroupWise Notify icon in the system tray and select Options.

2. In the GroupWise Notify Options dialog box, make sure that both the Mailbox folder and the folder you have built the rule for are selected. You can make the selection by holding down Ctrl and clicking on the second folder.

3. Click OK.


This solution was tested in the following environment:

  • Windows XP
  • GroupWise 6.5.3
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