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North Memorial Medical Center Keeps GroupWise Spam-free with GWAVA 4.5



October 9, 2009 10:36 am





For more than 50 years, North Memorial has served the Twin Cities area in Minnesota with compassionate care. Today, North Memorial Medical Center is a Level I Trauma Center and the only major independent health care provider in the Twin Cities.

North Memorial Medical Center currently has 4300 GroupWise users. They use one Linux server with GWAVA linked to five post office servers with GroupWise 7. Because of a unified messaging initiative, they will expand their GroupWise system to accommodate a second hospital all on the same domain. Email is critical for North Memorial Medical Center. If the email system goes down even for a short period, Kathy Tyler, IT Infrastructure Systems Administrator, will get the 911.

Scanning for Spam
North Memorial was quick to take advantage of the new SMTP scanner available with GWAVA 4.5. Running on a Linux box, GWAVA blocks the vast majority of spam before it reaches GroupWise. Kathy Tyler explains the experience, “GWAVA blocks so much spam that we actually had to have a period of education where users got used to not getting spam. Soon, they appreciated the difference and now feel confident that what they are getting in their inbox is important.”

Before installing GWAVA 4.5, a lot of spam got through to North Memorial GroupWise users. Identifying “what spam is” is different for everyone, so users were responsible for figuring out what spam was for them. And the IT department spent a lot of time assisting users and trying to balance what people needed on a personal level while keeping spam at bay. Spam control was becoming a critical issue.

Now user productivity has increased as they are not spending time wading through spam and realize that they are not missing anything they need.

With GWAVA’s friendly quarantine system, users are also easily able to release their own mails when needed, saving IT administrators an incredible amount of time. If they are expecting an important email, they can easily go out and check on their own. North Memorial sends out a digest to users once a day to make it even easier.

Email Viruses Not a Problem at North Memorial
Because of its integration with Kaspersky, one of the top anti-virus vendors in the industry, GWAVA offers zero-hour protection. With its seamless operation, viruses are automatically blocked before they can get into the GroupWise system. Even if a virus manages to make it into the system through other means, GWAVA catches it at the POA. Plus with GWAVA’s WASP product, viruses are stopped at the WebAccess level. Kathy Tyler says that with GWAVA, viruses are a non-issue. “GWAVA does the whole job with viruses, so we don’t have to worry about them at all.”

Compliments Instead of Complaints
Kathy Tyler is enjoying her new-found freedom from spam problems. Before she installed the GWAVA 4.5 SMTP scanner, she was accustomed to getting complaints about spam. Now she’s just getting appreciation and finding more time for other projects.

GWAVA is the market leader for making GroupWise secure from spam and viruses. It uses the latest technology to protect your GroupWise system both at the perimeter and from the inside out.

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