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Notes, quotes, observations, and opinions on Open Enterprise Server


May 27, 2011 3:54 pm





Growing up as a sports fan in the Orange County, California area, I read a lot of sports columns from the Orange County Register’s sports writer, Randy Youngman. Although I don’t remember a lot of the stories I read back in the day, I do remember some of the funny nicknames he gave sports characters, as well as his favorite headline of “notes, quotes, observations and opinions” relating to the world of sports.

Here a few of my notes, quotes, observations and opinions relating to the world of Open Enterprise Server –

Brainshare 2011 – I think you are going to see a lot more of Open Enterprise Server this year at Brainshare including more sessions, and more time on the big stage. This also goes for GroupWise and ZenWorks products as well. Discounts for Brainshare are available now, with the biggest discount given for a sign-up in May – see for more details.

Attachmate Acquisition – I am very optimistic about the OES product line since the acquisition happened. The headquarters of Novell has been moved back to its original roots in Provo, and the new management seems to have a great focus on meeting the needs of our OES customers.

Open Enterprise Server “Ponderosa” – “Ponderosa” is currently in private beta and moving along into beta2 very soon. Open Enterprise Server will finally be running on top the latest SLES11 SP1 code base!

NetWare Remote Manager – Need to clear a locked file with NRM? We got your back. We recently added more functionality in NRM. Apply the April patch and see some of the bug fixes/enhancements. See
More will come at the end of May.

Novell “Neutron” – This is a new development effort that is also close to going into beta. We have always been the “file guys” and now we are going to make those files “come alive” for the end user. Think about a unified home directory that can leverage files across NetWare, OES, MS, NetApp or other file server back-ends. The user experience will be such that you will feel like these files are dancing on whatever client you are using — Win7, MAC, Android, or iPads/iPhones. It should arrive in Q1 or Q2 of 2012. This is iFolder on steroids and as one customer put it, “This is the best thing I have seen from Novell in years”. OES customers will be entitled to Neutron for no additional charge.

Citrix Ready Certification – Have you seen the Domain Services for Windows Citrix Ready certification? We have recently updated it with new versions. Check it out at . Stay tuned for additional announcements of OES and Citrix Ready.

Domain Services for Windows (DSFW) – Speaking of DSFW, I really think a more appropriate name for this is Active Directory Services for Linux. This is really what it is – it replicates an AD domain, but is running edirectory on Linux. The solution is so good you can manage it with MMC – it doesn’t know the difference!

So, if you want your edirectory users to be able to access OES services and have edirectory look like an AD domain and trust an existing MS AD domain, you can do it. These users can now access OES file and print services as well as MS file and Print. If you have applications that require AD style authentication, Domain Services for Windows can take care of that too.

A big thanks to Rance Barker who created a set of 7 videos explaining Domain Services Windows and how to set it up and configure. See

Well, there it is, your notes, quotes, observations and opinions on the worlds best file and print services – Open Enterprise Server!

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