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Nothing Special: Praising Novell and Community for being so wonderful!


February 25, 2010 9:24 am





Hello one and all! Sorry I haven’t been adding any contributions to the community here for the whole 22 weeks that I’ve been here. I only have a little time anymore between all the odd ball contracts that I’ve been doing upon my normal tech consulting and tech servicing, and a few times I lost my internet connection because of slower months for business.

Anyway, I have a lot of things to share with everyone, I will try as hard as I can to at least get on and post some stuff as I get the time. *Laughing out loud* I got four kids and such a wonderful wife that gives me a lot of attention all the time, heh, when we get that time anyway.

So where to start?? I don’t know much about the technologies like AppArmor, Zen, or even edirectory per say.. However though, I Know a lot about the structure of linux, in command line, many little tweaks that can add extra help for administrators, vulnerability assessment skills and kits, hardware knowledge, and am still learning of course. That’s why I first even signed up was for the classes and to have an honor to work with all you lovely people and such a strong name as Novell and SUSE. I have been using linux now for about 12 or 13 years, I am 25 years old and have my own “hobby” that others probably would consider a job, and I also have skills with windows (all versions except 2008 servers and the versions that were just being made as I was born). I have worked with HP-UX, SCO Unix and Linux, Red Hat, Debian, Ubuntu and practically all its various branched out spin offs, Mandriva, OpenSUSE, the original SuSE, Original Mandriva (Mandrake), Slackware, and Sourcerer Linux (a.k.a. branched off SourceMage).

Out of all of them, I’ve been a loyal fan of openSUSE, Mandriva, Slackware, and SourceMage Linux. I came here also to try and also boost my own knowledge with all that you can teach me. When I was 2 I was playing games like Gyromite, Galga, Mario and Zelda too. I have always had technology in my life and Its sometimes hard because these manuals cannot hold my attention as well as being heard and/or actually doing it hands on because I have ADHD and my hand only lets me type half as fast as some of you because it was pulled into a conveyer belt at a company that built and packaged those self checkout lanes that you see in wal-marts.

My family and the latest technologies to tinker with are all that I really need, that’s why I love Linux so much. When Novell bought SuSE, I thought I was going to loose it without paying for it, and it was like having your best friend or a love being ripped away from you. For a few months, they kept it in closed doors, and I wrote my fair share of hate mail to Novell, but I must eat every last one of those words, not only are you giving the community the openSUSE project, but your also wonderful enough to take the source of your work and your cash flow and give it as well to let us learn about it, to show us that its good enough to buy, not because your telling us, but because you show us and with time to learn about how it works and what makes it such a worthwhile investment. I thank you and the community both, and because you got one of the best communities for knowledge as well as technology, I have found myself more at home these past 22 weeks here than any other communities.

All those of you that are not as familiar with linux, this is how a real community should work, take my word, I’ve been through a lot of places and Novell freely gives you the tools to educate yourself with. The technology and the materials for reading and study, as well as a wonderful community of people that give so much out and have never asked anything in return, both Novell and the community deserve some praise 🙂 So thanks again everyone for reading this, I promise to be back before next weekend with some actual tutorials and/or tips and tricks that I cannot wait to share with everyone! Thanks for reading my blog and have a great day!

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  1. By:ssalgy

    Very happy to have a new voice in our community. Thank you for the kind words — I’ve passed them along to the SUSE Linux Enterprise folks.

    Please do start sharing your tips and tricks and tutorials. Giving back is the best way to show your gratitude!

    Hope to hear a lot from you…