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Novell BrainShare 2010 – With a Touch of Green


March 22, 2010 8:41 am





It’s actually more than a touch of green this year at Novell BrainShare, it’s a full-fledged push to make our conference more environmentally responsible.

As you know, the technology sector uses a lot of resources. You can’t innovate without energy, hardware, peripherals and communication. At Novell, we understand the need for a proper infrastructure when developing solutions, but we’re also trying to remain aware of how we can cut back on waste without impacting the success of our endeavors.

That’s why we’re trying a few new things this year in Salt Lake City. We hope it will help our customers and partners understand how committed we are to reducing our carbon footprint.

First, we’re reducing paper material at the show. We’re no longer providing bulky material at our conference breakout sessions. These materials can be accessed via a post-conference microsite so you’ll still have access to all that valuable information electronically.

We’ve also decided to eliminate access to the On-Site Copy Center at BrainShare. In past years we found that most of the copied materials were items that could have been shared online or via an emailed .pdf. We hope this will substantially reduce our paper waste at the event.

Next, we’ve spoken with the Salt Palace and have created more responsible environmental guidelines for our partner vendors. This includes ensuring that each firm complies with set environmental standards.

Fourth, we’re going with recycled materials wherever possible. We plan to be much more aggressive about recycling and using recycled materials. This includes bathroom products and paper. Further, all printed materials at BrainShare will feature soy-based ink.

Fifth, while you can still enjoy a fast connection to the Internet from your own laptop, we’ve removed the long line of computers that oft-times sat idle, consuming unnecessary power.

Finally, you will be surrounded by biodegradable materials at the conference. From the carpets to the cups, to the utensils and the napkins-we’re focusing on making our entire event more eco friendly.

In addition, we’re also utilizing:

  • Non-hazardous cleaning materials that have the 3M Green Seal
  • Solar power to offset lighting in the parking areas
  • Waterless urinals and water-conserving bathroom fixtures
  • Motion sensors for lights
  • Bike racks to encourage human-powered commuting
  • Preferred parking for attendees who choose to carpool to the conference
  • Recycling bins for all our conference trash

This year, at Novell BrainShare 2010, we’ve taken steps to ensure that we’re doing the right thing for our customers, partners, vendors and the Earth. We’re focused on being more environmentally aware and we’re addressing areas of waste with better solutions.

While you’re at this year’s event, we hope you notice the work that’s gone into making BrainShare a greener conference. You will get the same great learning environment, contacts and experience-just a little more friendly to the world.

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