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Novell Client for Vista – Public Beta



June 27, 2007 11:58 am





Just a quick update.

The Novell Client for Vista is now in Public Beta. Head over to  and download it.

Feedback appreciated.

Written at: Provo, UT

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  1. By:Mike S.

    So far, so good. I have had no problems installing or using this Beta3 version of the Novell Client for Vista. You have come a long way from the Technical Preview version from earlier this year. Keep up the good work! Now, if only there was an iPrint client for Windows Vista to test…

  2. By:Eric

    Ditto, especially regarding the iPrint client.

  3. The iPrint client will come with OES2. I thinks you’ll be able to test that as soon as that goes in public beta.

  4. By:Sparky

    Encountered some trouble with the 802.1x portion. Enabled it and tried to get it to work without success. No big deal, so I disabled it. Unfortunately, it would no longer allow me to authenticate using the client (client error every time) until I re-enabled 802.1x auth. I ended up having to uninstall/reinstall simply so I could disable 802.1x.

  5. By:Jim Harris

    Would I be OK if I loaded the vista beta before updating the operating system on a laptop to vista businss?

  6. By:Darryl Burgess

    We have not been able to open databases that have a flexfile (.dbv) using a vista client and Netware 6.5 sp5 server. It works using vista client and windows sbs2003 server so it’s a novell issue.

  7. By:Ron van Herk

    First recommendation would be to install NW 6.5 SP6, it has a few fixes related to file lock, so these might make a difference.

  8. By:Darryl Burgess

    I uninstalled the Netware client for vista and connected using CIFS. That seemes to work fine. I will try the combination of SP6 and the client and see if that works since we really do need the client to work.

  9. By:Ron

    Are the cliemt versions being produced for Vista going to be compatible with earlier versions of Novell such as Netware 4.11 and Netware 3.11??

  10. By:Marcel Cox

    There is no IPX support in the Vista client and as such, the client will not work on those IPX only NetWare versions.

  11. By:Phil S

    Using Beta 3 and so far it’s been good except for one major problem. We have ZEN7 Desktop Manamgement so I have ConsoleOne 1.3.6f installed. There are certain property pages on application objects that generate errors, particularly when I try to save any changes. For example, if I try to change the icon and click Apply, I get “Unknown meaning for error number 0x1” From that point on, if I try to do just about anything with any of the objects, I get “(Error -255) Multiple meaning error message for error code -255.” It’s acting as though it has trouble writing any changes to those objects in the eDir. Since application objects are the biggest part of what I do right now, I have no choice but to continue doing changes from my XP system.

    The funny part is that the ZEN7 agent works pretty well on my Vista system despite being unsupported. The only bad thing is tha the system tray icon does not show up.

  12. By:Phil S

    And yes, I realize ConsoleOne is not officially supported. I’m wondering what Novell has planned for those of us who want to actually administer our ZEN environment from a Vista machine. As it is I’m looking at publishing ConsoleOne in Citrix just so I can use it on this machine.

    (eck..I think I just threw up in my mouth a little there)

  13. By:Michael M

    I installed Beta3, was going great until I tried accessing a network resource – the machine kept bluescreening due to the ncpl.sys driver. I tried updating the BIOS to no avail. I loaded the tech preview version and that seems to have resolved the bluescreen issue, however, I now can’t open any Microsoft Office documents located on a network drive. I get an error message in Word, Excel and Powerpoint “Access Denied. Contact your administrator”…. When I copy the file locally and open it, there are no issues. Anyone else getting this issue? Anyone know any fixes? If this is not the right blog, I apologise in advance.

  14. By:Adam Newsted

    I am getting the same issue using the Beta3. I am also getting a blue screen when I open my GroupWise Client and at other random times. I am assuming that this is a bug in the Beta and will be fixed in the next release. I re-installed both GroupWise client and the Beta but it was no help.

    We have about 7 other computers in our test environment and I am the only one that has had the blue screen issue

  15. By:Michael M

    Adam, are you using Asus chipset at all? Have you tried the Technical Preview version?

  16. By:Adam Newsted

    I was using the Technical Preview version for several weeks until the Beta3 was released, and it ran without a problem (except for the Office 2007 issue). I am running a Dell Latitude D610 notebook attached to a docking station, so I assume I have Intel chipsets. Do you think the docking station could be causing a problem?

  17. By:Victor Kulichkin

    I have some problems with this Beta : in the Login window (Advanced) the Client does not see any tree and servers. I think that there is not support of SLP. So for login I need to enter a context and an IP of servers. The Client for XP/2003 has a great utility SLPINFO, by using which we can diagnose that problem. I think the Client for Vista also must have this tool.

  18. By:Victor Kulichkin

    Installed Novell Client for Vista 1.0 and …… the same situation: my post is above.

  19. By:Michael M

    Hey Victor,

    Don’t know how your servers are setup, but we have to register with the tree and server here as well. What I did was I right clicked on the system tray icon, went to Novell Client Properties and on the ‘Client’ tab entered the Tree and Server address, then clicked ‘Add’. Novell required me to restart the computer, after which I went to the ‘Novell Login…’, entered my tree and the server field was automatically populated. Logged in fine after that.

    Hope that helps…