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May 20, 2009 5:10 pm

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To Do: Nada – Even More Power
by BrainStorm, Inc.
Novell Connection Magazine – April 2009

Here’s an excerpt:

One thing more satisfying than a completely checked-off To-Do list is a To-Do list that doesn’t exist. Imagine each item not only being marked complete, but also disappearing completely. With the new completed item parameter in GroupWise 8 rules, you can make your tasks disappear and keep your task list clean giving you a blank canvas to work with each day.

But filing your completed tasks is not the only magic act GroupWise rules can help you perform with tasks. Following are a few real-life task challenges GroupWise 8 can help you tackle.

File it away


Since many of your e-mail messages contain implied tasks, you’ve fallen into the habit of moving each message that is task-oriented to your task list. In fact, you’ve probably even created a Home View panel next to your inbox that you use for just that purpose. (But if not, see the Customizing the Home View video clip for instructions on how to do this.) As you complete the items on your list, you diligently check them off and GroupWise automatically moves them to the bottom of your task list. But lately, your task list has started to get crowded with all the tasks you’ve been completing. It would really help if the tasks you complete would not only move to the bottom of your list, but instead simply disappear from your main task list when you mark them as completed.


Create rules to move your completed tasks to project-specific folders in your cabinet. As a GroupWise power user, you already know how to create a basic rule, so you don’t need a step-by-step guide. Instead, just make sure you create your folders first and then set up a rule with the following conditions.

When Event is Completed Item

Act on items where subject contains [a keyword for your project] (Click the Define Conditions button to create this parameter.)
Then actions are move to folder [Select the project specific folder you've created.]

Create a similar rule for each project you’re working on and your tasks will begin to disappear from your task list as you complete them. If you’re using the rule to clean up your task list, just select all the tasks in your list and then click Tools | Rules. Click the Run button and the rule will execute manually to quickly organize and clean up your crowded task list.

Updating the Taskmaster

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