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Novell ConsoleOne and iManager are great for my senior engineers — but not for my non-technical, front-line staff.


January 22, 2009 3:49 pm





Novell ConsoleOne and iManager are powerful and comprehensive tools. But, how do you respond to a network administrator who says they’re too complex and require too many administrator rights for front-line staff to change passwords and carry out basic user account management tasks? Simple: “You need eControl!”

We have talked with many network administrators who do not want to have to give “all the keys to the kingdom” to their junior administrators, teachers, department managers and service desk staff to perform routine user account management and provisioning tasks. And, how about if the environment has some Active Directory and Exchange accounts, in addition to their eDirectory and GroupWise accounts, that need to be managed? What sort of training costs are involved to bring a non-technical help desk operator up to speed on ConsoleOne, iManager, Microsoft Management Console and Custom Task Pads? In short, too much.

Novell TSSs, Client Executives and Partners are well advised to share Omni eControl with their corporate, government and education accounts with 800+ user accounts. The biggest benefit is that it frees senior administrators to focus on higher-level, value-added tasks that warrant their time and expertise — things like deploying IDM or setting up their new OES server or deploying XEN to virtualize their server room. Not things like changing passwords or managing GroupWise distribution lists.

With eControl, administrators can assign a restricted set of user account management and provisioning tasks to non-technical users and control their search authority. All changes are written to an audit log. From a single web-based interface, users can manage GW, eDir, AD and Exchange accounts — with NO administrator rights required and NO access to ConsoleOne, iManager and MMC.

Well, my customer is running IDM, you might say. That’s terrific. Now, how are they managing those user accounts once IDM provisions them? That’s where eControl fits. All changes in eControl get synchronized via IDM. For any “heavy lifting”, senior administrators use the best tools for the job — ConsoleOne and iManager.

The result — a very happy and satisfied network administrator, a more productive help desk, new staff that can hit the ground running and mixed Novell and Microsoft networks that can co-exist peacefully 😉

Go here to view an on-demand eControl Client Demo.

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