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Novell Data Synchronizer Connector for Novell Vibe OnPrem 3 – Preview


February 14, 2011 1:12 pm





The engineering and product management teams released a preview of the DataSynchronizer Connector to synchronize your Vibe OnPrem calendar data to GroupWise.

This Connector product will be broken up into three preview releases and then the final release. Each preview release will contain some new functionality.

The first preview release will focus on 3 main areas. Install, setup/admin, and one-way sync – OnPrem Calendars to GroupWise Sub-Calendars.

Here is some of the design detail….

  • For each user configured, all Teams are discovered of which the user is a member.
  • For each Team discovered, all Calendar folders contained within that Team at any level in it’s hierarchy are discovered.
  • For Calendar folder discovered, a search is performed to find calendar entries that are within the desired window of time.
  • For initial sync of a given calendar folder for a given user, that is “Initial Sync Interval for Past Calendar Entries” days into the past.
  • For initial sync, prior to any calendar entries being synchronized, a calendar folder create request is synchronized out. All entries synchronized for that calendar will have this calendar folder id specified as it’s parent.
  • What this yields in GroupWise is a set of sub-calendars representing Team Calendars in Vibe OnPrem. For any calendar that has no entries meeting the criteria, no calendar folder will be created. If, at some point in the future, a calendar entry is created, a new sub-calendar will be created and synchronized before the new entry.
  • Once the initial sync has been completed for a given folder\user pair, all subsequent synchronizations will be “maintenance” synchronizations where modifications, deletions, and\or new entries will be synchronized out as they are made in Vibe OnPrem.

Note: What does it NOT do?

  1. Synchronize changes in GroupWise back to Vibe OnPrem
  2. Remove calendars if a user is no longer a member of a given team ( coming in preview 2).

That is all of the functionality that is expected to exist in this first preview. However, here is a look at the subsequent preview releases and the final release.

Preview Pack 2

  • Support for syncing calendar removal in OnPrem to GW
  • Support for syncing item deletions in OnPrem calendars to GW

Preview Pack 3 (OnPrem Connector Pack iso)

  • One-way sync – OnPrem basic task support to GW
  • Install for OnPrem Pack


  • Bi-directional task and sub-task support

If you are a Novell Vibe OnPrem customer, now is a great time to check out this Connector and give us feedback on the functionality you require in order for Vibe OnPrem and GroupWise to function properly in your environment.

You can expect a new update every 4-6 weeks.

Customers can download this preview here >

Let us know what you think….


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