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Ron van Herk


April 5, 2007 3:02 am





Novell Downloads

Three months ago I wrote about the fact that filefinder had been shut down and from that point on patches needed to be retrieved through Novell Downloads. Not everyone seemed to be happy with that change (and yes, we had lots of feedback telling us you where not happy about this) and many of us needed some time to get used to the new system.

Most of you might not even have noticed, but in the past few months we have had several updates on the search features on Novell Downloads, the issues that where brought up have been looked at and many of these have been implemented.

Have another look and let me know if you have any other suggestions on how we can improve.

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  1. By:Rick Bousquet

    I have still seen issues for searching where nothing conmes up. I have did searches based on a file name and come up with null. We really need it to be able to search on a filename consistently. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. That is a big issue for supporting in the field.

  2. By:Ron van Herk

    Hi Rick,

    Thanks for the feedback, if you see issues like this please just use the feedback link at the bottom of the page to tell the people behind the scene about your issues (with as much detail as possible). If a search doesn’t work as expected we need to get things fixed.

    One thing I’ve seen is that using wildcards now seems to work quit well, as example if you try to find a winsock update just search for “wsoc*”, for me this seems to be successful.


  3. Most of the time, when this has happened, is because a product was selected (when searching by file name).

    When searching by file name, do not specify any product or version.

    Another example is that when searching for NW 6.5 SP6, you cannot specify “netware 6.5 sp6”, you must only specify “netware”

  4. By:Rick Bousquet

    Just to let you know it was earlier this week that it happened to me. I did try it even without selecting a product.
    I thought it was strange. I just wish I could remember today what that day I was looking for to try it again.
    As you can tell I use the feature quite a bit.


  5. By:Mike Faris

    I don’t know what all the hoopla is. I use it and find everything I’m looking for. I find it quite easy to use. How many of you remember when you had to go to CompuServe to get anything for Novell???


  6. By:Eric

    There are still some things that need to be worked out. Rather than dish them out here one by one, please see the DLfeedback wiki (, especially the “needed improvements” section. Many of the improvements have already been made, but several have yet to be addressed.

  7. By:Mark

    I want FTP back!! It’s quick and easy..1 click/drag and done.. No stuffing around… No 4 clicks to get a file… It’s now takes me 4 times longer to get past all the login and acceptance garbage/crap before I can even click on a download link….IT SUCKS!!!!… I just want the bloody file and with the least effort possible….. Plus I can use the command line with FTP if I stuck at some fruitloop site that restricts http file downloads!!

  8. By:FlyingGuy


    I totaly and completely agree with you. Its nice having a pretty HTML interface, but we still need the old and very reliable FTP connection. When all else fails, click Start -> Run – CMD – OK !

    – FG