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Novell GroupWise 8 SP1 Now Available!



August 31, 2009 4:53 pm





As of today, there are two indisputable reasons to contact any of your accounts that have not yet upgraded to GroupWise 8.

First is the set of upgrade offers we launched under the “100 in 100” banner at the beginning of August. Customers who upgrade by October 31, 2009 can take advantage of a 33% license discount, end-user training for only $8 per user and the opportunity to licenses for our complementary team productivity product, Novell Teaming 2, for only $1 plus maintenance.

Second, the product’s first support pack is available as of today. Many customers don’t upgrade a product until the first support pack is released, making this a critical purchase milestone. With the release of Novell GroupWise 8 SP1, you can open sales conversations with those customers and assure them that, in addition to the host of compelling new features in last year’s release, GroupWise 8 now offers even more of the stability and reliability they count on.

Finally, if any of your GroupWise customers are considering a migration to Microsoft Exchange or Lotus Notes, we’ve created the following new competitive materials you can use to turn the tide.

> GroupWise vs. Exchange Cost-of-Acquisition White Paper:
> Comparing the Cost of E-mail Systems White Paper (GroupWise, Exchange and Notes):
> Competitive Feature Matrix (GroupWise, Exchange, Notes and Google):
> GroupWise vs. Exchange Battlecard:
> GroupWise vs. Notes Battlecard:

Now is the time to get all your GroupWise customers upgraded to GroupWise 8 SP1. For more information, click on the links below.

Novell GroupWise Home Page:
Novell Teaming Home Page:
Limited-time Upgrade Offers:
GroupWise Competitive Promo Web Site:
Novell Collaboration Vision Demo:

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