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February 12, 2009 2:18 pm




know_ptnr_R.png The Novell Knowledge Partner Program

They are out there. You’ll find their postings in forums and on mailing lists. They write blogs, maintain wikis, and participate in beta programs. They provide the articles, tips and tools to be found on Cool Solutions. These are the people that love to share their experience, knowledge and expertise both with Novell themselves, and all the others within the Novell community. They contribute the best, most up to date, real world experiences and expertise to the Novell community that even we at Novell can’t always match.

Novell is thrilled to be able to recognize these customers, partners, and enthusiasts who provide exceptional value and contribution to Novell and Novell’s customers via the Novell Knowledge Partner Program.

Novell Knowledge Partners are nominated and selected by their peers and Novell employees and represent the best and the brightest contributors to shared knowledge surrounding Novell products. Each year, Novell has the pleasure of reviewing the nominations with existing Novell Knowledge Partners and interested Employees from around the company. After review to ensure a nominated individual has the expertise, quality contributions, and temperament necessary to meet program standards, selected nominees will be invited to join the Novell Knowledge Partner program.

Benefits to program participants:
* An active Knowledge Partner has the right to use the title and program mark.
* Knowledge Partners have access to Novell’s private forums and direct, private contact with the Novell Knowledge Partner Support Team and other Knowledge Partners.
* A one year subscription to the Novell Professional Resource Suite
* Access to unreleased products
* There may be other benefits such as Knowledge Partner events and/or training opportunities

Benefits to Novell:
* The chance to get direct input from NKPs on a variety of issues ranging from technical to procedural.
* The customer satisfaction and retention gained by consumption of the shared knowledge provided by the Knowledge Partners.

Benefits to Novell’s community members:
* The ability to tap the shared knowledge provided by the many hours of contributions from Novell Knowledge Partners.
* Confidence that the Novell Knowledge Partners have gone through a rigorous selection process and that their opinions and suggestions can generally be trusted.

Program Details:
Participants are selected via the nomination process each October. Program participation and benefits run for one year starting November 1st and end October 31st of the following year. Current Novell Knowledge Partners are eligible for nomination for participation the following year just like all other candidates. Program participants are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement as they will often have access to internal information. The number of Novell Knowledge Partners selected is dependent on resources available to support the program. Certain benefits may be reserved for the top contributors to the program. The Novell Knowledge Partner program replaces the Novell SysOp program.

Information about current Novell Knowledge Partners can be found on this page.

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