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Novell NCS Monitoring GroupWise Post Offices



August 26, 2011 3:50 am





If you run your GroupWise resources on a NCS cluster you should not use GWHA; use cluster monitoring instead. If you enable monitoring a sample script is created for you testing only the POOL and the VOLUME. So you might want to add a simple monitoring script.

Create a script “” with the following content:

netstat -lnt | grep -wq ${1}:1677

1677 is the GroupWise Post-office default port; feel free to change it to whatever you actually have in use.

Flag it executable

chmod +x

and copy it on every cluster node. In you NCS cluster monitor script add the following line(s).

exit_on_error /opt/rz/ PO1-IPAddress

Your monitor script should look now like:

. /opt/novell/ncs/lib/ncsfuncs
exit_on_error status_fs /dev/evms/POOLNAME /opt/novell/nss/mnt/.pools/POOLNAME nsspool
exit_on_error status_secondary_ipaddress ClusterResourceIP
exit_on_error ncpcon volume VOLUMENAME
# PostOffice Test
exit_on_error /opt/rz/ PO1-IPAddress
exit_on_error /opt/rz/ PO2-IPAddress
exit 0

Finally enable and configure monitoring on the cluster resource in iManager.


Pretty easy and it works perfect, enjoy!

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